Delivering mission-critical SAS analytics on IBM Power Systems

By | 4 minute read | August 19, 2020

IBM and SAS have partnered for over 40 years to deliver mission-critical analytics that are supported by enterprise-class infrastructure. We are dedicated to providing IBM Business Partners and their clients a more stable and performant platform, which clients can depend on to run their business analytics workloads. Ken Gahagan, Senior Director and Division Head Compute Services at SAS shared:

What excites me most about the IBM/SAS partnership, is the passion that I see on both sides of the partnership. We’re starting with the best that hardware has to offer. We’re starting with the best that software has to offer. We’re going to bring those together in a partnership that our customers can use as a springboard into the future.

This is an incredible opportunity for clients and Business Partners.


Supporting you in the time of COVID-19
In these times of the new normal, your clients are looking to their technology partners for help to weather the storm, whether it is increased activity in the financial, healthcare or government sectors, or the economic pressures felt by the retail and travel industries. What these clients often need is supported to help ensure business continuity, scalability and demand planning stability. The focus on the IBM partnership with SAS could not have come at a better time, especially as many of SAS’ top industry users are heavily impacted by COVID-19.

The current environment underlines the importance of efficient and resilient IT more than ever. With constrained or re-prioritized resources and budgets, no one has cycles to waste. IBM Power Systems for SAS has the scalability, reliability and performance to help keep businesses running during these unprecedented times. IBM and SAS have a long history of empowering clients by helping accelerate their analytics workloads and avoiding the I/O bottlenecks many x86-based SAS workloads experience.

We believe the partnership between IBM, SAS and IBM Business Partners can help strengthen the power of your portfolio in the market, which can help overcome client challenges and help enable them to maximize the value of their SAS Analytics.


SAS Viya on IBM Power Systems
In late Q4 2019, SAS’ newly enhanced analytics platform, SAS Viya, became generally available on Power Systems. At IBM, this is our second major investment in Enterprise Linux on IBM Power Systems, after a successful ramp up of the SAP HANA platform to highly satisfied clients.

We have already scored sizeable IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage wins with SAS Viya after only a short time in market. How is that possible? Because the SAS clients are launching new analytics projects, or expanding and modernizing their existing analytics infrastructure, and this drives larger server and storage upgrades and new acquisitions. This means two great opportunities for IBM Business Partners:

  • Hardware refresh to IBM POWER9-equipped servers of installed base SAS-on-IBM Power Systems clients for their traditional SAS-on-IBM AIX and new SAS Viya workloads on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Competitive takeout of SAS + x86 clients struggling with their SAS deployments on infrastructure that can’t scale.

IBM Power Systems is particularly suited for SAS Viya, delivering the reliability, scalability and performance that serious SAS clients can’t achieve with Intel servers. SAS clients require a highly scalable platform, which IBM Power Systems delivers with IBM PowerVM, flexibly adapting to the mix of computing needs associated with modern analytics, but with minimal management complexity. With IBM Power Systems in the IBM Cloud, we expand our deployment options, especially for clients who are exploring their hybrid or public cloud options for SAS Viya. Or as Charles Foretich, Field Solution Architect for IBM Power Systems at IBM Business Partner Tech Data Corp. explains it:

We have developed a successful business for SAP and SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems and now we look forward to working closely with IBM to learn about the strengths of the SAS Analytics solutions on IBM Power Systems. We believe that the combination of IBM Power Systems, the new SAS Viya solution and our expertise offers an important differentiator in the market of mission critical applications.

Next steps
IBM Business Partners are critical to the success of the offering, and across each geography, our Business Partners are actively getting up to speed on the SAS on Power Systems offering. The offering allows you to engage with clients and help contribute to wins across all geographies in the finance, healthcare and insurance industries. The IBM team has created a dark capacity sales play, enablement and client-facing material to help all Business Partners drive this conversation with clients. This can all be accessed through the SAS on Power Seismic web page The IBM team can also connect you with a SAS SI to help you drive the conversation from a solution perspective.

As a next step, I encourage you to take the SAS on IBM Power Systems education, access sales and tech resources at SAS-IBM portal, and reach out to your IBM Business Partner Rep or the IBM team with any questions. We’re excited to engage to help you and your clients achieve success with the mission critical SAS analytics.

Hear Ken Gahagan, Senior Director and Division Head Compute Services at SAS discuss the partnership in his own words.

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