DASC and IBM Champions for Growth: Putting partnership at the heart of our business

It has been said that you cannot understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. The IBM Champions for Growth program is enriching the capabilities of Business Partners and IBM alike by enabling skilled practitioners to do just that.

DASC is a leading provider of Data Science software, consulting and training services in the Netherlands. We specialize in supporting users of the IBM SPSS portfolio, enabling them to unlock the full potential of data analytics to help improve their business outcomes.

Our base of around 350 clients is composed of IBM end customers. So for us, success is about being a part of a close-knit network of IBM partners and clients and providing a level of support and expertise in the application of Data Science that they could not achieve on their own.

The challenge for every successful business is ensuring that it continues to maintain the quality of relationships it enjoys with customers and partners as it grows. After all, those relationships are a large part of what fueled that growth to begin with. A couple of years ago, when we spoke to IBM about our desire to enhance our capabilities in delivering Data Science and SPSS expertise, the IBM team proposed Champions for Growth.

IBM Champions for Growth is a unique program that enables partners and clients to grow their capability in IBM solutions by placing skilled practitioners at the heart of their business. Those experts remain employees of IBM, but they work for the partner or client as part of their business.

What was doubly attractive to DASC when we were considering joining IBM Champions for Growth was that the person who was proposed to join us was the same expert who had already been working closely with us at IBM for several years.

Brenda van den Hoven, analytics consultant at DASC, has now been an essential part of DASC’s business for 14 months.

What I hoped for in bringing Brenda aboard was that her expertise in IBM systems would add a new dimension for our customers by bridging the technical expertise of an SPSS Data Science specialist with the day-to-day reality of how customers use it. I am delighted to say that our experience has proved us right.

DASC is now able to understand even better not only what our customers need, but also how to work closely with the team at IBM to ensure that we can meet those needs. It has elevated our ability to serve customers at a new level.

 A winning combination

I asked Brenda what the Champions for Growth placement has done for her. “For me, as an IBMer,” she said, “it is about building closer ties with the end-customer and understanding how SPSS is actually being used within their business. I am able to see firsthand how customers use the software and translate their experiences back to IBM.”

Champions for Growth also gives our clients a level of assurance and trust in DASC’s ability to help them. In working with DASC, they gain not just from our expertise but also from a direct route to the source of the technology—thanks to Brenda.

The result: customers get more out of the software. DASC is able to build much closer relationships with our customers, and IBM gets valuable feedback on how its solutions are being used. It’s a winning situation for everyone concerned.

To learn more about Champions for Growth, visit: https://www.ibm.com/partnerworld/resources/grow/champions-for-growth


Frank Passtoors
Managing Partner at DASC B.V.