Creating a symphony: Advancing gender equality in channel leadership

Music and live performance are woven into the history of San Francisco—my hometown. Who could forget the “San Francisco Sound” of the sixties and seventies? So it’s only natural that when I think of analogies for diversity in the workplace, one that often comes to mind is a well-orchestrated symphony. An elegant mix of bass, percussion, string and woodwinds can elicit contemplation, bring joy to our hearts and even inspire us to do great things. And like a well-balanced orchestra, a company dedicated to representation from a diversity of voices can produce beautiful and innovative results.

At IBM, we’re creating a symphony where each employee plays a key role in advancing gender equality in the workplace. I’m proud to work at a company where our business leadership is taking active steps to create a more equal workspace through the Be Equal initiative. In fact, in 2018 IBM was recognized for the fourth time with the Catalyst Award for its efforts to advance women in business.

I’m even prouder of the women that I work with in the IBM Partner Ecosystem who are helping pave the way for future generations of women in tech leadership. International Women’s Day was on March 8, and the Partner Ecosystem had quite a bit to celebrate. Already in 2019, several women at IBM have been recognized for their outstanding work in the partner channel:

  • Carola Cazenave, Vice President of Ecosystem Programs and Next Gen Strategy, Dorothy Copeland, Vice President, IBM Partner Ecosystem, North America and Tamela Gates May, Director North America Channels for IBM Global Markets, were each recognized by CRN as Channel Chief honorees for their “professional achievements, standing in the industry, dedication to the channel partner community and strategies for driving future growth and innovation.”
  • Jacqueline Woods, Chief Marketing Officer, IBM Partner Ecosystem, was named one of the Most Powerful Women in Corporate America by Black Enterprise magazine.

The IBM Partner Ecosystem is also taking an active role in encouraging women to step into leadership positions in the channel:

I’m proud to celebrate the achievements of women in the channel and IBM’s dedication to diversity and inclusion. Each step we take toward the advancement of gender equality in business leadership makes the “sound” of IBM that much richer.