Digital alchemy – Turning data into gold

Written by Alistair Mackenzie | November 25, 2019 | Cloud, Partner Perspectives, Security

Data is the means by which enterprises can truly understand their customers – their needs, behaviors and buying patterns. And within an enterprise’s data lies the potential for greater revenue, increased efficiencies, reduced costs. This race to unlock that potential is the most significant play in business today. As technology continues to evolve – and more

Business Partners prepare to extend new IBM data privacy capabilities to clients worldwide

Written by Mary Coucher | September 13, 2019 | Cloud, Good Tech + Great Thinkers, Security

The partner ecosystem is vital to IBM’s strategy as we enter chapter two of cloud, which is all about transitioning to and driving value with hybrid cloud. The IBM Z enterprise platform is a large part of this hybrid cloud story, and Business Partners are driving an increasing percentage of IBM’s enterprise platform sales. With more

Seismic Shifts in Sales Enablement

Written by Julie Michalowski | August 14, 2019 | Cloud, Data + AI, Security...

How do Business Partners keep up with all of the announcements, portfolio changes, decks and never ending messaging? IBM Business Partners often had to engage with multiple webpages, platforms and people to make sure they were up to date on the latest technology, offerings, and sales strategies. With the recent announcement of our new Seismic more

Ecosystem Transformation Series Part V: A Faster, Better Way to Compete and Win

Written by Jennifer Cloudt | July 31, 2019 | Cloud, Data + AI, Ecosystem Transformation...

I’m skeptical when a restaurant has too many choices on the menu. How can any one restaurant be good, really good, at making pizza, subs, steaks, Chinese food, Mexican food  and more? Most of the time they aren’t very good, just okay at best. But, I understand the logic behind the eight-page menu; they need more

The IBM Security App Exchange: The combined security intelligence of the world’s leading experts

Written by Micah Mingo | February 20, 2019 | Security

Everybody knows that IT security is complicated. As threats become more sophisticated and IT grows more pervasive, the cost of data breaches continues to escalate. Having the right security tools is just part of the issue. Being able to get meaningful data out of those tools in time to minimize impact on the organization is more

IBM and Arrow: A next-generation partnership which puts IBM Security at the heart of our ecosystem

Written by Mel Smith | August 16, 2018 | Ecosystem Essentials, Partner Perspectives, Security

One of the highlights in the event calendar for Arrow, IBMers and our partners in the UK and Ireland is the annual IBM Broad Reach Cup Regatta and Gala Awards. For 20 years, representatives from across the IBM ecosystem have come together to compete against each other on the water, celebrating and strengthening our relationships more