Business Partners prepare to extend new IBM data privacy capabilities to clients worldwide

By | 4 minute read | September 13, 2019

The partner ecosystem is vital to IBM’s strategy as we enter chapter two of cloud, which is all about transitioning to and driving value with hybrid cloud. The IBM Z enterprise platform is a large part of this hybrid cloud story, and Business Partners are driving an increasing percentage of IBM’s enterprise platform sales. With the September 12 launch of IBM z15™, we anticipate this percentage to accelerate at an even greater pace.

IBM z15 is an enterprise platform that is designed to help partners and clients manage the privacy of customer data across hybrid multicloud environments. With z15, businesses can manage who gets access to data via policy-based controls, with an industry-first capability to revoke access to data across the hybrid cloud. Key z15 innovations include encryption everywhere, (enabled by new Data Privacy Passports that allow businesses to gain control over how data is stored and shared), cloud-native development and instant recovery. You can read more about it here.

We involved our partners in every stage of z15—from development to launch. In the development phase of z15, IBM invited 100+ companies, including IBM Business Partners and clients, to participate in design thinking sessions that helped shape the technical specs and capabilities of the new enterprise platform. Leading up to the launch, we invited partners to participate in in-depth training courses, enablement webinars and client proposal readiness sessions.

In addition to z15, IBM also launched the IBM DS8900F storage system, a new mainframe-focused, hybrid cloud-enabled product line that consolidates mission-critical workloads across multiple platforms. Business Partners were heavily involved in the new storage family’s pre-launch activities, as well, including in-depth education sessions and events.

In short, partners have been prepared and enabled in the same way we’ve readied our own IBM sellers for these product launches, signaling the growing importance of the global partner ecosystem in our IBM strategy. We anticipate that our partners will help us introduce z15’s industry-first data privacy capabilities and the DS8900F storage family to their existing client base, while expanding them into new industries and geographic regions.

Business Partners rally around IBM Z and Storage

With z15, partners can help clients address their top concerns around hybrid cloud, including security, privacy and agility. Many partners plan to use z15 to drive new workloads and modernize existing ones. Those with value-added business models that extend beyond traditional sales also plan to use z15 to accelerate their own solutions and services, which often include cloud hosting, as-a-service offerings, consulting and solutions built with their own IP.

TES Enterprise Solutions, an IBM Platinum Business Partner in the U.K., is a longtime IBM Z partner (and standout partner for LinuxONE, IBM’s enterprise Linux platform). They use IBM Z to provide cloud hosting and include deployments for blockchain, cloud, data recovery, database and key data center services across all industries. 

Rob Davis, Business Development Director at IBM Business Partner TES Enterprise Solutions Ltd, states “The IBM Z and storage updates should resonate well with end users, especially when it comes to using features like Data Privacy Passports to tackle security challenges such as data access, which are top of mind for many C-suite executives.”

Ensono, an IBM Platinum Business Partner in the U.S., is a recognized leader in mainframe management. The company plans to help their clients run sensitive workloads in a more affordable and efficient way with z15.

Jeffrey Shoup, director of mainframe solutions architecture at Ensono, says, “The z15 improved encryption and compression capabilities makes it very affordable for clients to encrypt their important data without consuming a ton of additional CPU time. Older systems weren’t as efficient/powerful when doing encryption and compression, and so clients always had to weigh the value of the encryption versus the computing cost to accomplish it. With the continued hardware advancements in the z15, this concern is all but eliminated. This can be a huge benefit to clients running confidential and protected data on their mainframes.”

With the new IBM DS8900F enterprise storage system, partners can deliver next-level cyber security, data availability and system resiliency for clients. And it pairs with IBM Z, giving clients a new level of control to store their data where it makes the best economic and business sense, while always keeping it resilient and available.

Truenorth Corporation, an IBM Silver Business Partner based in Puerto Rico, sees the advantages of this new storage offering for its customers.

“The new DS8900F storage systems offer real advantages for our customers and our own bottom line,” says William Roman, CTO, Truenorth. “They help reduce system complexity, and they continue the relentless IBM focus on greater cost-efficiency. Most importantly, they offer the hybrid multicloud functionality and data security our customers demand.”

We look forward to seeing how our Business Partners extend these new innovations to their clients to help them meet their growing data privacy and storage needs.

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