Building the cloud you want with the infrastructure that your clients need

By and Jose Castano | 6 minute read | August 3, 2020

Delivering cyber resiliency with IBM Z, LinuxONE and IBM Storage

Businesses of all sizes continue to look to hybrid cloud to help improve operations, increase capacities and lower costs while boosting digital growth. It’s critical to have a dependable IT infrastructure that fuels innovation, adapts to change, allows for speedy time to market and can respond with agility in these unpredictable times.

Today’s climate also demands cyber resiliency: the ability to anticipate, withstand, recover from and adapt to system failures, environmental disasters, stresses and cyber threats. At IBM, we understand that these pressures are not only felt by your clients—the pressure spreads across the ecosystem and rests heavily on you, our valued IBM Business Partners. We are here to help you deliver a trusted and dependable hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure system and we look forward to continuing the hybrid multi-cloud journey together.

2020: A strong year for the IBM Z ecosystem, our Business Partners and customers
In 2Q, IBM Z clients temporarily activated a total of 4 times more general-purpose processors through on/off capacity on demand compared to 2Q 20191. To help understand the scope of this, just imagine if all of this temporary capacity was activated at the same time, it would be enough to process up to 2.9 trillion more secure CICS transactions per day. Now that’s a tremendous amount of work.

In April 2020, we launched the single frame IBM z15 and LinuxONE III systems with increased performance and capacity compared to previous system, along with native cloud, enhancements with Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud Paks. This launch is designed to simplify work for developers and promote in-cloud development to help expedite time to market. Since April, we have shipped these new systems to clients in all major markets around the world with substantial contributions from you, our valued Business Partners.

Our pipeline remains strong as we bring these capabilities straight to client board room discussions and progress opportunities with confidence like IBM Platinum Business Partner Business Connexion (BCX).

At Business Connexion we see LinuxONE as the infrastructure of choice for guaranteed speed, cost efficiency and security built in at the core incorporating the IBM multicloud strategy underpinned by IBM Cloud Paks.
Abrie Peens, Business Executive, BCX, South Africa.

What’s new?
With this release, we are offering a collection of new capabilities and enhancements in our continuous delivery announcement for IBM z15 and LinuxONE III, along with enhancements for IBM Flash storage and tape with the DS8900 and TS7770 families. These enhancement highlights include:

  • Native Cloud with expanded capabilities and cloud deployment choices with Red Hat Open Shift, Cloudpaks, IBM Wazi for Red Hat Code Ready Workspaces and z/OS Cloud Broker to make tasks for developers easier and faster.
  • Encryption everywhere with greater performance and scalability for encryption, Data Privacy Passports and Crypto to support more crypto cards and more domains, providing additional virtual HSMs for the ultimate scalability.
  • Cyber resiliency with enhanced capabilities like IBM instant recovery that can now boost the entire sysplex for high availability and ultimate uptime.
  • Flexible compute provides the Integrated Accelerator for Z Sort to improve eligible batch sort processing, and reserved space in the IBM Z racks for IBM Storage DS8900
  • IBM DS8900F with increased optimization for Z and LinuxONE where enhancements can deliver 70% more system cache to consolidate mission-critical workloads while reducing your customers’ CapEx and OpEx2.
  • IBM DS8900F compression support for Transparent Cloud Tiering with IBM TS7770 configurable as an Object Store reducing cost per GB while providing more than 50 percent savings in IBM Z CPU utilization, and 3 times more data storage capacity in the same physical space3.
  • Cloud-Based disaster recovery for tape with IBM TS7770 by using the saved copies of your data in the cloud to restore outside the grid, adding a layer of security, ensuring critical data is always available and TS7770 now has installation support on a customer rack.

Learn more about these capabilities and the full announcement at

Why is this important for your customers?
You can execute on the innovation and modernization actions your clients need while they continue their journey to the cloud. You can guide them with confidence, providing an agile infrastructure that can tackle their performance, growth and compliance needs with trust and resiliency, maximizing availability and minimizing time for planned outages.

IBM innovation appears to be accelerating. Last year, IBM launched the new z15 and LinuxONE III enterprise servers in combination with the IBM DS8900F and TS7770 storage solutions. These systems were built with the most advanced processor and encryption technologies. Now, IBM has announced enhancements on resource optimization and consolidation, cloud integration and cyber resilience on both product lines. For Business Partners like Evolving Solutions, this rapid pace of innovation keeps us ahead of our competitors by offering high value solutions to our clients.
Bo Gebbie, Vice President of IBM platinum-level Business Partner Evolving Solutions

Speedy attention to customer needs help progress opportunities, sales cycles and puts sellers in the driver’s seat.

With System Recovery Boost we have cut our IPL time in half. Where subsystems used to take minutes to start, they’re now taking seconds. System Recovery Boost is a great example of IBM listening to their customers and delivering something very beneficial!
Keith Sisson, Director of Technology, Compuware

You too, are empowered to deliver a robust cloud infrastructure backed by Linux expertise, armed with IBM Cloud Paks, supported by Red Hat, Ubuntu and SUSE. In addition, it is available in a single frame footprint, complete with market-leading storage and the ability to outshine alternative solutions for Oracle, DACS, Blockchain and other critical workloads. Your clients can leverage all these features while keeping the infrastructure safe and protected from internal and external threats.

Cyber resiliency needs are here forever: Be prepared
To support our clients in their digital transformation, you have been pushed to spend time and resources creating solutions that balance innovation in the cloud while holding to high standards for cyber resiliency. The ability to anticipate, withstand, recover from and adapt to system failures, environmental disasters, stresses and cyber threats is a valued skill. Given the broad scope of challenges, no one solution can address it all. Every client is different and needs an individual approach to secure service, infrastructure and data.

To help you meet your clients availability and recovery needs, we have created cyber resiliency enablement. This self-paced education is split into several individual modules designed to help you identify and act against various levels of threats. The topics focus on today’s issues and covers business continuity, cyber threats and protection along with solutions like Hyper Protect Virtual Servers, GDPS and IBM Instant Recovery for IBM Z and LinuxONE, and logical corruption protection and offline backup for hybrid multicloud using IBM DS8900F and IBM TS7770 storage. Individuals completing the courseware and passing the associated tests are candidates for an achievement badge.

We hope that you find the announcements pertinent to IBM z15, IBM LinuxONE III and IBM Storage valuable, and can empower you to deliver the cloud your clients want with the security and resiliency they need.

To see the full announcement, visit the news site.

For an overview of the announcements visit the Systems announcement page on PartnerWorld. Visit IBM Storage, IBM z15 and LinuxOne PartnerWorld pages for more details and the related sales kits for IBM Z15, LinuxOne, the IBM Storage Announcement, IBM DS8000, IBM TS7770, in Seismic.



  1. On/Off Capacity on Demand activation information is based on IBM internal records of all temporary activations done from April through June of 2019 and 2020. The potential transaction rate is estimated based on IBM internal measurements of a CICS workload in a dedicated z15 environment and the increase in total activated CP capacity from all temporary activations.
  2. The memory size is increased from 2 to 3.4 TB. CapEX and OpEx reductions are based on list price comparisons for different configurations with equivalent performance and capacity values.
  3. Based on internal IBM data measurements. Compression rates vary from one system or environment to another.