Building blocks, rocket ships and business innovation. Co-creation changes everything.

By | 3 minute read | July 17, 2019

Did you ever try to build something big out of blocks as a child? A rocket? Or a castle?

And every time you tried on your own, wasn’t it a little disappointing? No matter how much time you spent or how high you stacked those blocks, it looked a little plain – a little too traditional.

But when we worked in a group to bring the pieces together, something magic happened. The idea was always bigger and better. We could pull the vision from our imagination into reality that much more easily. And our friends would add nuance and detail that we hadn’t considered. Everything just fit together.

Similarly, today’s companies are trying to build something big, but many struggle to turn their innovative visions into reality. Maybe they lack the experience or the technical skills. Or maybe they just don’t have the time.

But when we cooperate – or co-create – like we did as children, a lot of those struggles disappear. And that’s why we’ve established our IBM Systems Co-Creation Labs, a place where we can add our box of blocks to your innovative ideas and build something new, together.

Bring your innovations to life

At our Systems Co-Creation Labs, our Business Partners, their clients and IBM experts work side-by-side to create first-of-a-kind strategies and solutions. Our architects and subject matter experts (SMEs) from around the world will consult with you and hold workshops to give you the building blocks that you’ll need to build out whatever vision you may have.

Wherever you are in the development process, our labs – located in IBM Client Experience Centers across the globe – can help you to design, prototype and deploy applications for your clients in new and exciting technologies including AI, hybrid multi-cloud, blockchain and emerging infrastructure. In particular, we’ve focused our labs around four key solutions:

  • Discovery Workshops – a free, half-day program designed to help you develop use cases for your project
  • Design Workshops – multi-day workshops that guide you through rethinking and realizing your designs
  • Architectural Consulting – joint sessions where we help you define your solution framework
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Build – a six-to-eight week engagement during which we work alongside you to co-create a marketable product

One recent example

Not too long ago at an IBM Systems Co-Creation Lab, a major fashion retailer in the U.S. asked us to help it develop a better way to recommend clothing to its customers and subsequently increase sales. We collaborated with the retailer to develop an AI on IBM Power Systems® solution to address this challenge.

We started with a Discovery Workshop to better understand the business, its challenges and the desired outcome. And we also shared use cases with the company that demonstrated the value of AI software along with the strength of Power Systems hardware and cognitive platforms. From this initial workshop, we built a strong relationship with the retailer’s data scientists – subsequently working side-by-side with them for two days on-site and another month remotely.

The result? We co-created a clothing recommendation system that incorporated more intuitive classifications and publicly available, unlabelled images to drive greater productivity and response from consumers. Together we drove a solid relationship for success!

So whether you’re building a rocket, a castle, or something more practical – like an AI-powered clothing recommendation platform – we’d love to work with you. We are energized to host you and your client at one of our labs, available worldwide at various Client Experience Center locations. Or we could bring our Co-Creation Lab experience directly to your client’s site. Reach out to us to make an appointment.