Consolidate, coordinate, accelerate — for Axcelinno, partnership is a strategic decision

By | 3 minute read | September 30, 2021

Global software company and IBM Business Partner Axcelinno recognizes that it takes innovative technologies to succeed. Axcelinno’s mission is to help companies gain a competitive advantage by solving today’s challenges with innovative, comprehensive technology and hands-on mentoring.

Using leading edge technology platforms combined with custom software development, Agile, and DevOps practices, Axcelinno helps solve the toughest challenges by creating exceptional digital experiences through integrated design, data, engineering, delivery and operations.


New relationship, same strength

Axcelinno is one of the first Red Hat Premier Apex Partners — a designation given to top Red Hat resellers — and it quickly became an IBM Business Partner after the Red Hat acquisition. “The new relationship between IBM and Axcelinno is not only a natural fit, but also a strategic decision,” notes Josh Minthorne, Co-Founder and Director at Axcelinno. “As a Red Hat Apex partner, we already had a great deal of experience with OpenShift and the Red Hat middleware portfolio. Combining our industry and solutions expertise with IBM technology helps accelerate the modernization and delivery of applications to our customers.”

Axcelinno customers, like many modern businesses, view migrating to cloud-native technologies not only as a strategic investment but also a necessary course of action. By transitioning on-premises data and applications to a public cloud infrastructure, these businesses can better take advantage of cloud benefits such as greater elasticity, self-service provisioning, redundancy, and scalability.

“A lot of it comes down to wanting to do more with the current set of resources,” explains Josh Minthorne. “As these companies scale, they don’t want more full-time employees or outsource because that becomes additional overhead. They want to take their current teams and achieve more and focus on value-add activities. So how do you start to streamline?”

Axcelinno answered that question by making it much easier to get customers’ applications and data into a usable, actionable format — even when it comes from numerous different sources and different end-users. Instead of using disparate platforms cobbled together and integrated, Axcelinno incorporates IBM Cloud Pak for Data into its solutions. For Axcelinno customers, migrating data means streamlining, unlocking and delivering their insights, reporting and intelligence in one screen.

The Axcelinno experience entails more than helping customers integrate, standardize and migrate data. Axcelinno uses a unique mentoring approach where consultants provide dedicated time with customers to educate and upskill end-users on how to use IBM Cloud Pak for Data, including industry-accepted best practices.


Partnership has its privileges

As an official IBM Business Partner, Axcelinno also takes advantage of valuable partner benefits such as IBM Co-Marketing. These Co-Marketing funds are designed to help IBM Business Partners expand the scope of their marketing and execute successful campaigns to drive demand and increase sales. “When our customers need to modernize,” Minthorne adds, “Co-Marketing has been a game-changer primarily because of the brand recognition and global reach of IBM.”

Using the Co-Marketing benefit, Axcelinno can quickly build campaigns targeting specific customer groups, such as those looking to modernize. As Minthorne explains, “We can nimbly focus on current IBM WebSphere customers and act as an advisor to help implement their transformation to IBM Cloud and Cloud Paks. Hosting IBM webinars and workshops for our customers helps us quickly identify what our customers need help with. Additionally, this allows us to pull from our vast experience and expertise to tailor our approach to each customer’s individual needs.”


Going forward

Based on his experience with IBM so far, Minthorne sees the IBM and Axcelinno relationship continuing well into the future:

“I believe our partnership will continue to grow and strengthen. Our goal is to become a top IBM partner — especially when it comes to helping customers modernize and migrate to cloud-native technologies, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Together, we will continue to create lines of communication for our customers, so they have access to a trusted partner and advisor.”