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Tech Data: Driving business evolution with digital technology

Written by Mel Smith | November 5, 2018 | Partner Perspectives, Systems

Evolution! Evolution! Evolution! We all know the word evolution from school, where we learned how biological organisms evolved their heritable traits over successive generations due to natural selection and other mechanisms. Interestingly, business evolution is not dissimilar. IBM business unit strategies, along with the business models of our clients, Business Partners, vendors and the countries more

Learn what’s new with IBM Watson Studio: One portfolio for AI and machine learning

Written by Mel Smith | November 2, 2018 | Data + AI, Watson

Over the  last decade, the data science market has evolved, new macro trends have developed and IBM has invested in advanced technologies and platforms while ushering customers into the era of enterprise data science. In 2016 IBM introduced the Data Science Experience, which blurred the lines between our new and old technologies. We have now more

SaaS Rewards and Incentives: What are you waiting for?

Written by Mel Smith | October 26, 2018 | Ecosystem Essentials

Reselling IBM SaaS just got better. Business Partners can now earn an extra three percent on IBM-led accounts, and an extra five percent on co-led and Business Partner–led accounts with the SaaS Deal Registration incentive. The incentive is available on new, renewed and extended subscriptions with an approved SaaS Deal Registration. The incentive is also more

Three great ways to partner with IBM Systems Lab Services

Written by Mel Smith | October 24, 2018 | Services, Systems

Collaboration and partnership are at the heart of success in today’s world. No organization has the skills or experience to do everything on its own, and by accessing the expertise available in other companies, we maximize our opportunities for success. In IBM Systems Lab Services, we work closely with IBM Business Partners to help them more

Should you attend Think 2019 in San Francisco? Absolutely—it’s all about building connections!

Written by Mel Smith | October 22, 2018 | Partner Perspectives, THINK

My senior colleagues and I attended Think 2018 this past March, and not only did we have a ball, but our business progressed by leaps and bounds. This wasn’t our first IBM conference by any means, but Think 2018 really raised the stakes by giving us a great feeling of inclusion as Business Partners. The more

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies and IBM: Connecting vehicles to connected ecosystems

Written by Mel Smith | October 10, 2018 | Data + AI, Good Tech + Great Thinkers, Partner Perspectives

Elaphe is on a mission to relieve some of the stress we humans put on our planet, by radically changing transportation through an innovative and disruptive in-wheel propulsion platform. As part of the ongoing mobility revolution, we see a huge market, innovation and social value in combining our technology with IBM Cloud solutions. Elaphe’s story more

3 reasons to help your clients defer payments on new IT deployments to 2019

Written by Mel Smith | October 9, 2018 | Services

Many of your clients across a variety of industries may enter the last quarter of 2018 facing significant challenges to their IT budgets. Others may be presented with terrific opportunities to close the year on a high note if only they could afford to expand their IT capabilities. In either case, financing from IBM can more

Are you ready to help clients migrate SAP HANA to the cloud?

Written by Mel Smith | September 26, 2018 | Cloud, Systems

CIOs have a big dilemma: How to innovate, but at the same time reduce costs. As companies rely on their SAP systems to run complex business applications along with business-critical data, many are turning to IBM Power Systems. In fact, IBM Power Systems has quickly become a key player in the SAP HANA space, with more

IBM Global Financing: Quickly offer your clients financing on the go

Written by Mel Smith | September 19, 2018 | Services

Are you trying to quickly close those all-important deals on a deadline? Or on the road? Did you know that as an IBM Business Partner, you can rapidly extend the same excellent payment options to your clients that they can get directly from IBM? With IBM Global Financing’s Rapid Financing app you can request a more