Ask Watson! Introducing PartnerWorld Advisor

By | 1 minute read | December 27, 2018

Trying to figure out the next best move for your clients can be a long and difficult task, but IBM is making it easier. If you haven’t heard yet, PartnerWorld Advisor is your new sales assistant. PartnerWorld Advisor leverages Watson artificial intelligence (AI), advanced data science and natural language processing. With these new capabilities, PartnerWorld Advisor is providing answers and solutions to help you in many areas of your business.

Curious where to start? Sign in on the PartnerWorld website and look for the PartnerWorld Advisor to pop up on the right-hand side of your screen. Go ahead and #AskWatson one of the following starter questions.

  • Ask Watson: “What should I sell my customers?”
  • Ask Watson: “Show me product recommendations for my clients.”
  • Ask Watson: “Where can I get certified for Security?”
  • Ask Watson: “Do we have a FlashSystem battlecard?”
  • Ask Watson: “When does our Software Access Option subscription expire?”
  • Ask Watson: “Where can I find marketing resources?”
  • Ask Watson: “Where can I find information about competitors?”
  • Ask Watson: “What are the competencies available for Cloud?”
  • Ask Watson: “Are there sales plays for Analytics?”
  • Ask Watson: “What incentives are available?”

Have fun with it, and see how the PartnerWorld Advisor can help tailor your IBM Business Partner experience.

Have a question? Ask Watson now

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