AI conversations highlight industry success

By | 3 minute read | September 3, 2019

There is no doubt that AI is today’s hottest ticket with many IBM Business Partners delivering industry-specific solutions that enhance engagement for their customers. In this article we look at how three leading Partners in the UK that are using IBM Watson AI technology to build conversational (chatbot) solutions with an industry flavor.

Leading Business Partners – Escalate AI, Filament and LivePerson – recently spoke with Aideen Cardiff, IBM UKI Watson AI and Industry Channel Lead, at IBM’s London offices. The “sofa chat” highlighted three areas: the partner’s value proposition, outcomes for one of their customers and how they see partnering with IBM.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the conversations. You can view the videos via the links below.

Business Partner Escalate AI in conversation with IBM – solution for local government

Aideen spoke with Chris Patterson, Managing Director, at Escalate AI. Chris tells us about their platform that provides a hybrid human chat and chatbot that allows you to escalate between the two conversations, depending on when you need a person to get involved.

In the video, Chris speaks about their customer London Borough of Redbridge, a leader in innovative public services who wanted to simplify communication with residents regarding rubbish (trash collection). Working with Escalate AI, the Borough launched its new Binbot which is powered by IBM® Watson® technology.

Binbot is a chatbot that answers straightforward questions and allows users to report illegally dumped waste. You’ll hear about the benefits that the council has achieved. “We deployed the solution in two weeks in December that delivered a 25 percent reduction in call center volumes over the same period.”

Chris also discusses what makes Escalate AI different – their differentiator in the market. “The Escalate AI Conversational Bus allows us to develop bots four time quicker than only a year ago”. Watch the video.

Business Partner Filament in conversation with IBM – solution for media and entertainment

The video features Phil Westcott, CEO at Filament, who discusses the value proposition underpinning their Watson AI-powered Virtual Assistant.

Phil highlights their success with Deltic Group, theUK’s largest late-night bar and club operator. Filament helps this customer to better manage hundreds of thousands of Facebook Messenger inquiries from customers each year. Deltic wanted to convert those messages into bookings and Filament delivered a virtual assistant built using IBM Watson Assistant. The solution helps to answer guests’ questions, tell them what’s going on and direct them to buy tickets online. “We are generating new revenue for Deltic group through a conversational (Chatbot) interface technology powered by Watson.”

Phil also discusses how IBM and Filament can maximize working together. “Where it works really well is where an IBM Client Exec brings in a Filament skills-set to unlock the opportunity.” Watch the video.

Business Partner LivePerson in conversation with IBM – solution for financial services

Richard Bassett, Strategic Account Director for Financial Services at LivePerson highlights how LivePerson’s AI-powered conversational platform makes it easy for consumers to buy products and get answers to questions in messaging channels they already use every day.

Richard speaks about LivePerson’s proven industry expertise and the value delivered to Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) as their solution helps to improve both efficiency and customer experience for this major UK bank. “We’re doing about 40,000 Watson conversation with RBS per day.” And “customers really like messaging…they get their time back. In the old world, they would be put on-hold. Agents also like messaging as they are not put under pressure as before.”

Finally, Richard speaks about Partnering with IBM as LivePerson delivers outstanding industry-specific solutions for the Financial services sector. “You guys have some fantastic relationships and we bring expertise in messaging to help IBM to speak with Operations.” Watch the video.

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