Accelerate the business of “de-risking”

By | 3 minute read | June 9, 2020

Secure. Your. Data.

I imagine as an IBM Business Partner, you deliver a version of that message to your clients and prospects fairly often. And what do you hear back?

Your clients may not be the same as ours — medical device companies and related health care institutions — but I suspect you hear the same thing we do at Galen Data.

On the topic of transmitting and securing data in cloud environments, we either hear uncertainty (at best) or objections that it’s just not secure enough (at worst).

Yet, because we know that innovation requires accessible data that is highly secure, we had to develop a very strong case — that in situations where incredibly sensitive data is involved, such as medical data, we provide a regulatory and privacy compliant, turn-key software platform for device-to-cloud  connectivity with the highest levels of security.

Both we and IBM understand that medical device data is destined for the cloud, and when it comes to securing that data, we’ve seen eye to eye since day one.

Enabling the possibilities

I’ll venture that whatever data your clients’ businesses touch, talking about new ways to use that data brings questions about keeping that data secure. It’s our responsibility to remove risk — to “de-risk” a solution that enables the possibilities.

In our industry, compliant medical device connectivity infrastructure can be very costly and time consuming to build, operate and maintain. Cloud is a game-changer for us. In our sector, the data should be in the cloud so:

  • Automated, up-to-the-minute security updates can mitigate the risks of data sharing
  • A patient can receive a proactive alert that her heart pump needs maintenance
  • A company can more efficiently collect device information in a clinical trial across the country
  • A doctor can take action if a patient isn’t using his device properly or following the therapy
  • A family can remotely track the blood glucose of a grandparent with dementia

There are numerous more examples, just as I’m sure you have examples of how cloud is disrupting your industry.

Fast work, fast results

In late 2019, IBM invited Galen Data to participate in an accelerator program for IBM® Cloud® Hyper Protect Services — a cloud solution created for storing highly protected data.

I’ll admit that some business accelerators are hit or miss — they’re supposed to bring a concentrated burst of expertise and technical mentorship, but some time the resources are flimsy, or you’re cut loose way too soon.

However, we decided to participate in this one with IBM because Hyper Protect sounded promising and security is among our clients’ highest requirements.

In the end, it was the right call.

We quickly appreciated the advantages Hyper Protect offered our clients. And working with other collaborators in the accelerator, we determined how best to integrate the cloud solution with ours.

We were impressed with everyone and have since become an IBM Business Partner. Now, coming off the accelerator program, it feels like we have an entire extra team of people working with us to succeed.

A stronger case in the market

For most medical device companies, and possibly for your clients too, the idea of passing data to a third-party to manage is new — and fraught with concern.

We also don’t mine data — all the data belongs to our clients and we don’t look under the hood. No one on the other side of the table can look at their data.

Adding Hyper Protect builds on the case that we have an incredibly secure solution that, among other things, is highly effective against insider threats. Arguably, a cloud solution that is constantly monitored and guarded against threat and continuously updated to foil zero-day exploits is more secure than home-grown, in-house approaches.

In fact, because of the regulatory and high compliance burdens in our industry, a home-grown approach to the type of innovation I mentioned earlier — relying on the democratization of data — just isn’t practical for many of our clients and prospects. Going down that path is expensive and puts all the responsibility on them.

So for those companies that aren’t in a position to go alone on the journey to cloud — unable to cope with the daunting manpower, security and budget requirements — our platform can help drive down the cost and time-to-market while reducing risk.

As an IBM Business Partner, our successful accelerator experience with Hyper Protect and continued support from IBM have helped us offer a platform that clearly aligns with the one absolute I know about in business — secure your data.