A novel approach to workplace safety

By | 1 minute read | June 24, 2020

Safe workspace

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world, including our business environment and how we work. It has impacted everything that we do—how we engage with each other, our clients and customers. As businesses move to reopen, it’s imperative to approach the situation carefully.

As part of the Italian Government’s plan for the gradual reopening of businesses, offices need to maintain safe distance between colleagues inside the workplace and avoid internal gatherings. All businesses need to support flexible and smart working regimes as much as possible.

Return to work safely
To help address this new normal way of working safely, the web app, PluriDesk was created. PluriDesk, an application based on IBM® Cloud® and related technologies, allows companies to carefully and responsibly manage the presence of employees in the workspace. Through PluriDesk, an employee can book a specific workstation with a specified time and it automatically notifies the employer and all other colleagues of the booking.

PluriDesk helps promote security and offers real-time visibility of who is occupying which workstation. The app recognizes the local legislative regulations of recommended distances for offices and can be configured with customized company rules. PluriDesk can automate the assignment process and efficiently regulate access to registered workstations, based on the total number of employees at a certain time.

PluriDesk was created to be a fast and easy-to-use tool for both employees and employers. With just a smartphone and an Internet connection, users can view the current situation inside offices and see which workstations are available at specified times—all in real time and with a simple and convenient interface. Technical studies are already underway to make PluriDesk usable without an Internet connection, thanks to Progressive Web Application (PWA) technologies.

We’ve made PluriDesk initially available on the public IBM Cloud, and we plan to expand to private and hybrid clouds. Key features include help lowering costs, quick customer personalization and faster deployment times, which is already at no more than 15 days.

Contact us
To learn more about how PluriDesk can help ease the uncertainty of how to handle workspaces, feel free to get in contact with us. We can help your teams work more safely, even in the most challenging of times.

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