A case study route to AI success

By | 2 minute read | May 7, 2019

IBM Business Partners Perspective

Building an understanding of a customer’s pain point is often the best starting point for the application of AI technology. It’s all about looking at the problem you are trying to solve and matching the technology to achieve the desired results.

For Watson AI, we can see a wide range of customer case studies where the AI solution is generating outstanding results. Examples span an array of business needs, including automating business processes, improving insight through data analysis and enhancing engagement with customers and employees—to name just a few.

Here are some of the stories of customers who are working with IBM Business Partners to achieve outstanding results:

  • London Borough of Redbridge: A leader in innovative public services, the London Borough of Redbridge wanted to simplify communication with residents regarding trash collection. Working with IBM Business Partner EscalateAI Ltd, the borough launched its new Binbot. Powered by IBM Watson technology, Binbot is a chatbot that answers straightforward questions and allows users to report illegally dumped waste.
  • Versus Arthritis: As the UK’s largest charity dedicated to supporting people with arthritis, Versus Arthritis wanted to go beyond its standard fundraising role and offer personalized treatment-based advice to people with arthritis. Working with the Watson Assistant service on the IBM Cloud platform, the organization created a virtual assistant designed to answer queries about a diverse range of self-management topics.
  • Buzz Radar and IBM: Digital marketing data from social, paid media can be a rich source of insight. However, its volume and velocity often make it hard to absorb and understand. To overcome this challenge, IBM Business Partner Buzz Radar looked to make this data digestible for busy marketing team members who were not data specialists. Buzz Radar created a platform called the Cognitive Command Centre—a digital marketing monitoring, analytics and visualization platform that harnesses Watson technologies and runs in the IBM Cloud.
  • SPF Private Clients: The UK’s Help to Buy scheme is a government initiative that helps first-time buyers onto the property ladder. While beneficial to buyers, the scheme floods mortgage brokers with complex and time-consuming mortgage applications. To solve the problem, mortgage broker SPF Private Clients engaged IBM Partner EscalateAI to create an AI-powered app. The app features a chatbot that accelerates application processing times with 24/7 Help to Buy qualification.
  • Deltic Group: With 55 venues, Deltic Group is the UK’s largest late-night bar and club operator. It faced the challenge (and opportunity) of responding to hundreds of thousands of Facebook Messenger inquiries from customers each year. The company wanted to convert those messages into bookings. IBM Business Partner Filament delivered a virtual assistant that was built using IBM Watson Assistant to answer guests’ questions, tell them what’s going on and direct them to buy tickets online.

Visit our microsite now to find out more about these case studies in the UK and Ireland. You can also access Watson AI case studies from across the world in banking, insurance, food and drink, manufacturing, energy, professional services, social services and other fields.

Phil Graham
Marketing Manager, Watson AI Partner Ecosystem