5 things partners have said about IBM Partner Portal

By | 2 minute read | March 15, 2022

In my experience, innovation doesn’t happen randomly. And it does not happen in isolation. IBM’s new brand platform, called Let’s create, places collaboration as one of our highest principles and invites everyone to innovate with us. We value your input, and the invitation of the Let’s create campaign includes you.

A few weeks back, we launched new features on the IBM Partner Portal to streamline and simplify the way we work together, giving you valuable time back so you can focus on your clients. So how are we doing? I want to share what we’ve heard from some of you, our Business Partners about the new IBM Partner Portal features, and also invite you to tell me what you think.

1. Innovation starts with simplicity

“Smarter look on all pages, content easy to find.”

IBM Business Partner in Switzerland

Clarity and simplicity are the design points for how we work together in Partner Portal. We want your journey to be intuitive and clear, whether you’re looking for something specific or just browsing.

2. Agility is the norm

“(…) significantly easier to navigate than the previous PartnerWorld site, with the combination of all Deal Registration information situated alongside all the other systems being a big step forward.” 

Craig Aston, COO, Celerity

With resources tactically allocated for maximum outcome, we know that being adaptable to change brings us closer to winning. So we’re ensuring all the tools you need are easily accessible, responsive and connected – as close to your needs as possible.

3. Collaborate like never before

“The changes introduced in the new Partner Portal offer us the possibility to continue collaboratively through the implementation of the Chat Bot and with an even better level of response to our concerns.”

 Federico Colangelo, General Manager, Semperti

Effective collaboration is enhanced by trends like digitization, globalization, and distributed workforce models. These trends are giving us more and more options to collaborate. Partner Portal is doing just that – enhancing collaboration to drive speed and effectiveness.

4. It’s all about being faster

 “I have less fields to complete and with the intuitive search functions and support, it now takes 50% less time to create an opportunity.” 

Alexandre Figueiredo, Field Sales Representative, Arrow Electronics

Freeing up valuable time by using technology is exactly what the new Partner Portal is designed to do – less time spent on the operational aspects of your collaboration with IBM, gives you more time to work on reimagining the future in your interactions with clients and prospects.

5. There’s always room for improvement

“Looking forward to see future enhancements to the customer search function, as well as additional customization options for my Partner Portal homepage view.” 

Alexandre Figueiredo, Field Sales Representative, Arrow Electronics

Improvement means challenging ourselves to be better. For us, successful partnering is not just about cooperating; it is a must for achieving long-term growth. That is why we are looking to the future for chances to learn more.

The new Partner Portal features are also boosting collaboration and driving behavioral change within our IBM Sales team – so we can become more efficient, shoulder to shoulder. Read more in Natalia de Greiff’s blog.

I invite you to discover the new features of the IBM Partner Portal and share your feedback.

Let’s create what’s next, together.