3 reasons to help your clients defer payments on new IT deployments to 2019

By | 1 minute read | October 9, 2018

Many of your clients across a variety of industries may enter the last quarter of 2018 facing significant challenges to their IT budgets. Others may be presented with terrific opportunities to close the year on a high note if only they could afford to expand their IT capabilities. In either case, financing from IBM can help in several ways:

  • Reason 1: If your clients need to deploy IT solutions in 4Q but are operating under constrained budgets, a payment deferral option from IBM Global Financing can help you close the deal in 2018.
  • Reason 2: Your client acquires new or expanded solutions they need now, and they start paying in 2019 when their IT budget is refreshed.
  • Reason 3: Payment deferrals can also help your clients improve cash flow and free up funds for use on other strategic projects. Even if their organization is on track with spending allotments coming into the fourth quarter, they may have new projects in plan to begin next fiscal year that they may want to bring forward.

Help your clients start their IT projects with our broad portfolio of customized payment plans. With rates as low as 0%, we can help fund your clients’ IT projects throughout the entire lifecycle for IBM and non-IBM hardware, software and services.

Why wait? Defer your clients’ payments until 2019 and help them get started now!

Visit our website to learn more at www.ibm.com/financing/deferral.

Steve Nichols
Director, Client Financing
IBM Global Financing


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