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Watson Analytics dataviz: Seeing is believing

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Watson Analytics dataviz: Seeing is believing

Watson Analytics dataviz: Don’t let the casual abbreviation fool you. Data visualization is a seriously integral part of Watson Analytics. Without visualizations, you can’t find new insights almost instantly in your data or build great stories.

Watson Analytics dataviz: It’s important

Most people are visual learners. Information recall is significantly enhanced with images. The human brain is good at pattern recognition. Intuitively understanding complex statistical models and data relationships is harder. According to this infographic and research report from Blue Hill Research, the right tools can help all types of people who need to analyze data, from the statistically savvy to general business users who have no prior analytic training. From the research note:

“A key component to the value proposition of Watson Analytics is its contribution to visual storytelling of data. A traditional struggle for many has been choosing the right type of visualization method to best display findings or communicate relationships within data. Watson Analytics automatically produces visualizations tailored to the type of data used and analysis being performed. Further, Watson Analytics provides recommendations for alternative ways to display data that users can easily choose and toggle between.”

Watson Analytics dataviz: You never know what you’ll uncover

Watson Analytics dataviz is automatic. Almost immediately after you upload data, Watson Analytics creates visualizations from it. Soon, you’ll be telling visual stories like a pro and gaining insights your brain can act on. And sometimes the results will surprise you. For example, we loaded data collected from marine animals and this is what we got:

watson analytics dataviz marine

If you want to see all the surprising visualizations from this data set, watch this video:

Watson Analytics dataviz: It’s going to get even better

If you’re familiar with Cognos Analytics 11.0.5, then you might have heard of RAVE 2, which is short for Rapidly Adaptive Visualization Engine 2. (By the way, if you aren’t familiar with Cognos Analytics 11.0.5, this will help).

RAVE 2 enables the generation of flexible visualizations into Cognos Analytics. We’ve been migrating Watson Analytics to RAVE and with the introduction of a new treemap, it will be complete:

watson analytics dataviz treemap

And, while you’re waiting for the RAVE migration to be complete, you can use the new data player on your Watson Analytics dataviz. When you “play,” the associated visualizations animate through the different filter values. You can start, pause, and restart the data player.

Investigate your world with Watson Analytics dataviz

A picture really is worth a thousand words. And a Watson Analytics datviz can take 1000 data points or more and paint that picture. Learn more and sign up for your free edition at


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