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4 Watson Analytics add-ons? Sweet!

Watson Analytics Add-Ons InfoWatson Analytics add-ons can sweeten your data analysis.

Four additional capabilities satisfy your appetite for more. You’ll be discovering insights like a champ in no time.

1. Watson Analytics for Social Media

The first of the four Watson Analytics add-on is Watson Analytics for Social Media, which guides you through social data. With automatically created graphics, you quickly take the pulse of your audience or market. And, it’s easy to compare results with other data sources. Now, you can get new insights based on different views of information.

2. Expert Storybooks

Number 2 of the Watson Analytics add-ons is Watson Analytics Expert Storybooks. If you’re struggling to understand your data analysis, Expert Storybooks can be your guide. You bring your data, and we take care of the rest. You get new insights and we interpret results for you. It’s that simple.

3. Datawatch Monarch and Monarch Server for IBM Analytics

Data preparation shouldn’t slow you down, and that’s where number 3 of the Watson Analytics add-ons comes in. Datawatch Monarch for IBM Analytics transforms data for upload into Watson Analytics. With the click of a button, it prepares messy data for analysis. Datawatch Monarch Server for IBM Analytics automates many data preparation tasks. You’re free to get on with data analysis so your precious time isn’t wasted.

4. Analytics Exchange

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily find data when you need it? With the fourth of the Watson Analytics add-ons, IBM Bluemix Analytics Exchange, you have access to free and open data. Do you need economic, business, leisure, transportation, and more information to support a theory? This is the place for you.

Remember the add-ons

This infographic has the scoop. Click the image to the left to enlarge or download the PDF from here.

Use it to take your next step. You’ll be amazed at how easy understanding your data can be.

For a bigger scoop and updates on Watson Analytics add-ons

We’ll be expanding our add-on selection in the coming months, so don’t miss out on a thing.

Get the skinny on what’s new along with all that Watson Analytics has to offer by signing up for the free edition here.


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