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Get a jump on Think 2019 with “Smart Starts Here” sessions

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Get a jump on Think 2019 with “Smart Starts Here” sessions

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When IBM’s big Think 2019 conference rolls around on February 12–15 in San Francisco, you’ll probably want to show up a little early. That’s because throughout the day on Tuesday, February 12th, we’re offering a set of special limited-seating sessions and hands-on labs in our Smart Starts Here track. These sessions are an ideal prelude to the Chairman’s address late that afternoon that opens the main part of the conference. (If you’re new to Think, you can find out much more about it in this post.)

What’s so special about Smart Starts Here? These exclusive sessions, hosted by IBMers as well as our partners and clients, dig into product roadmaps, industry trends, best practices, case studies and more — before the hubbub of the main conference begins. It’s a great learning opportunity, as well as an excellent chance for networking with your peers.

Choose your favorites from the session abstracts below, then head over to the Think 2019 site to register.

Smart Starts Here presentations take deep dives into products and use cases

Advanced Reporting with IBM Planning Analytics for Excel
Join us to learn how you can leverage the advanced features of IBM Planning Analytics for Excel. In this session you will learn how to use the IBM Planning Analytics for Excel API to add new functionality, automate tedious processes and create Excel-based reporting applications. This session will also include a technical deep dive into the various reporting modes and best practices.

Everything You Need to Know to Create Beautiful Dashboards and Stories with IBM Cognos Analytics
Cognos Analytics users have gravitated towards dashboards, pushing them beyond their original use cases. Come learn how the dashboarding capability has evolved to meet the needs of users of all skill levels. Dashboarding strives to help users explore and discover new insights about your data. We’ll start off by looking at some simple use cases and end up ramping it up to showcase some awesome techniques that will make you the envy of your coworkers and blow their socks off when you get back to the office. Analyze your data, find some key insights and build a great looking dashboard in just a few clicks.

IBM Planning Analytics Local: A Technical Deep-Dive with the Engineering Team
Are you an IT professional in the middle of, or planning, an enterprise deployment of IBM Planning Analytics Local? If so, you need to have a firm understanding of its architecture and operational models. Come to this session and learn the best way to install, configure, monitor and operate a secure, scalable, distributed IBM Planning Analytics Local environment for maximum availability. You’ll hear about best practices for IBM Planning Analytics Workspace database backups, managing continuous delivery refreshes with automated rollout and rollback, horizontal elastic scaling using Docker containers and orchestration engines (Kubernetes or Swarm), Windows and Linux install considerations and more.

IBM TM1 Increases the Future Profitability of Styles at Columbia Sportswear
With multiple sourcing countries and product sold globally, accurate regional or brand analysis is a complicated ordeal. Discover how Columbia Sportswear uses TM1 to price products, approximate landed cost components and aggregate multiple costing records to arrive at style-level standard cost and allow for gross margin analysis at brand and regional levels. Additionally, you’ll hear how Columbia Sportswear created a costing sandbox model to approximate fluctuations in factory costs, resulting in aggregated margin analysis in a matter of seconds.

Montage International Migration to IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics
Learn how Montage International, a leader in distinctive luxury properties, is managing their migration from IBM TM1 and Cognos to IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics. As they tightly leverage the integration between the two applications, you will learn about their journey and how to ensure you also have a smooth migration with proper planning.

Self-Service BI Using IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud
Learn how GameStop uses Cognos Analytics on Cloud to create reports that are all built, managed and controlled by business users. Learn how they got here, and what techniques and change management they used internally to get to this point.

Smarter Self-service Analytics: Augmented Intelligence at Your Fingertips
In this session, we will put ourselves in the shoes of a line-of-business user and employ Cognos Analytics to augment existing corporate data sources with additional external data. We’ll do some data prepping on uploaded files, then hop into the dashboard for visual data exploration. Once we find the answer we’re looking for, we’ll share it with our colleagues by creating a fun and engaging story. Come and see for yourself how you can use Cognos Analytics for self-service while maintaining data integrity and governance.

Hands-On Labs give you an immersive learning experience

Hands-On Lab: Predictive Modeling without a Ph.D.
This lab will show you how to use IBM SPSS Modeler to automate the building of predictive models. You will learn how to read in data, automatically prepare that data for modeling and build predictive models for customer behavior. The lab will also cover the automation of predictive models.

Hands-On Lab: Getting the Most Out of Your Cloud Service with IBM Planning Analytics
Already an IBM Planning Analytics on-cloud customer and looking to get the most from your cloud service? Join us to learn directly from the experts about such topics as IBMid, data integration to cloud and on-premises data sources, content migration, scheduling and automation and much more. You’ll be able to get hands-on with the IBM Planning Analytics on-cloud offering while the speakers share their insights, demo functionality, offer tips and answer your questions on this exciting and innovative solution.

Hands-On Lab: Administration Made Easy with IBM Hybrid Data Management and Docker Containers
This lab will provide an overview of Docker containerization for IBM Hybrid Data Management products like Db2 and Db2 Warehouse. The skills you will acquire in this lab are critical to understanding and maintaining a hybrid data infrastructure.

Register now!

Spots in these exclusive sessions are available on a first-come, first-served enrollment basis. Register for the conference and select Smart Starts Here to sign up for these sessions. Act quickly, because they’ll likely fill up fast. Click here to register!

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