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Don’t miss these Think 2019 IBM Planning Analytics sessions!

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Have you registered yet for Think 2019? If not, you should think about it (pun intended). This conference is a great place to learn how your financial and operational performance management (FOPM) technology fits into the wider world of cloud, AI, data analytics, and infrastructure. Sessions will cover topics ranging from the nuts-and-bolts details of software deployment to innovative approaches taken by your fellow IBM customers, as well as IBM’s plans for the future of these solutions.

Here’s a sample of the planning-focused breakout sessions you can experience at Think 2019:

  • Maximize Margins, Retain Customers, and Grow Market Share through Optimal Pricing
    As a global leader in auto parts and accessories, LKQ Corporation has to manage pricing for more than 200,000 parts across 10 regions. IBM Business Partner QueBIT implemented a solution based on IBM TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics, and now LKQ is projected to realize a $48 million boost in profitability. This session tells the story. (Session #3932)
  • Data Integration and Orchestration with IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud
    The benefits of cloud technology include lower costs, innovations available as soon as they’re released, and accelerated time-to-value. But retrieving data quickly — from either cloud-based or on-premises databases — is the key to realizing the full value of the cloud. This session shows you integration and orchestration technologies available for IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud. (Session #1075)
  • How Do 51 Quintillion Cells Factor into Ancestry’s FP&A Process and Subscription Revenue Model?
    Ancestry’s business of tracing family history involves billions of historical records and millions of family trees. And Ancestry’s financial planning and analysis (FP&A) process involves 51 quintillion cells (!) within a dynamic and growing subscription revenue model. (FYI, a quintillion is a 1 followed by 18 zeros.) This session shows you how the challenges of such massive data volumes are overcome with IBM Analytics. (Session #1408)
  • Profitability Modeling and Analysis with IBM Planning Analytics at Charles Schwab
    Banking and brokerage giant Charles Schwab selected the IBM Planning Analytics Solution for Allocations and Profitability Modeling to replace an old platform that could no longer meet the company’s need for activity-based profitability modeling and reporting. In this session, you’ll learn about Schwab’s journey and get insight into proven financial services industry practices for profitability modeling. (Session #4877)
  • Evolution of Planning and Reporting at Uber
    How do you combine the benefits of big data, visualization, data science, and machine learning with the computational power of IBM TM1 to create a powerful planning and reporting system? Join us at this session to see how it’s done at Uber, the ridesharing company that operates in 785 metropolitan areas worldwide. (Session #6439)
  • IBM TM1 Increases the Future Profitability of Styles at Columbia Sportswear
    With multiple sourcing countries and products sold globally, accurate regional and brand analysis was a complicated ordeal at Columbia Sportswear. But in this session, you’ll see how the company uses IBM TM1 to price products, approximate landed cost components, and perform gross margin analysis at both brand and regional levels. (Session #6619)
  • IBM Planning Analytics for 6,000 Users at Deutsche Bahn
    Deutsche Bahn is one of the largest logistics companies in the world, with more than 300,000 employees generating 43 billion euros in annual revenue. At this session, hear how Deutsche Bahn’s 6,000 users leverage an integrated set of data for planning, analysis, and reporting in IBM Planning Analytics. (Session #7026)
  • How AWS Delivers Scalable Planning Solutions Leveraging Python and IBM Cognos Command Center
    To keep up with its incredibly fast-growing business, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Business Systems team uses a variety of innovative tools in conjunction with IBM Planning Analytics, which has grown into a critical enterprise solution. This session showcases a number of these tools, including IBM Cognos Command Center and Python integration to leverage existing multi-threaded processing. (Session #6984)
  • Streamline Your Financial Consolidation and Close with IBM Analytics
    IBM Cognos Controller enables finance teams to automate the close, consolidation, and reporting process — with minimal IT support — and provide the CFO with an enterprise view of key financial ratios and metrics. If you’re not familiar with Cognos Controller, this is a perfect opportunity for an introduction. Join us and see what it can do for you. (Session #6977)

Knowledge, networking – and a $300 alumni discount!

Sessions like those listed above help you get more value and better performance from the software you already own. Plus, Think 2019 offers numerous opportunities to learn about new products and solutions you may not be aware of, and to network with peers and product experts. Finally, IBM offers a $300 alumni discount to individuals who have attended Think in the past. It’s one more way this conference delivers a lot of bang for your business buck.

So please register now and mark your calendar for February 12–15, 2019. We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

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