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Don’t miss these Think 2019 Cognos Analytics sessions!

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Our preparations for the Think 2019 conference are in high gear — have you registered yet? As we’ve discussed in previous posts, the conference allows you to learn from IBMers, our clients and business partners, and outside experts on the latest advances in cloud, AI, data analytics, and more. There will also be plenty of fun activities outside the sessions, plus lots of opportunities to network with your industry peers.

A couple of weeks ago we took a look at some of the best Think sessions tied to IBM Planning Analytics. Here, we highlight a dozen of the most intriguing sessions dedicated to IBM Cognos Analytics.

Product-Specific Sessions

IBM Cognos Analytics Keynote: Witness the Evolution to the Next Generation of IBM Cognos Analytics
Everyone uses analytics to make data-driven business decisions. That’s no longer enough. To be successful, you need to make the right decisions that drive competitive advantage. Join this session for an introduction to the new IBM Cognos Analytics, and witness the evolution to the next generation of BI. By infusing traditional analytics with capabilities like augmented intelligence and embedded smarts, finally business users have the robust, trusted data exploration tools they need on a single integrated and highly secure platform. With features such as conversational analytics, we’re literally putting answers in your hands so you can be confident you’re making the right decisions, whether you’re on-premises or on cloud. (Session 7182A)

AI in BI: Augmented Intelligence in IBM Cognos Analytics
This session will walk you through the AI architecture built into IBM Cognos Analytics. Learn how machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), ontologies, and other cognitive capabilities improve the user experience in Cognos Analytics. You’ll understand how traditional steps in the business intelligence (BI) process are now automated. You’ll also discover how the AI in Cognos Analytics offers another perspective in making unbiased data discovery a reality. (Session 6597A)

Roadmap Alert: IBM Cognos Analytics Current and Future Enhancements
Like most organizations, your business requirements span a spectrum of managed and self-service analytics, and the pace of change is unprecedented. This session will update you on recent enhancements to IBM Cognos Analytics and share how these enhancements are moving forward together to meet your analytics needs. We’ll share some market reactions and offer a view into the possible future of modern self-service and managed reporting. (Session 3651A)

Secrets for a Smooth Upgrade to IBM Cognos Analytics
Is IBM Cognos Analytics in your plans for next year? Or perhaps you’re just curious about how your existing content will upgrade? Come check out how the new, more modern interface will provide a top-notch experience for your business users while still providing a governed, enterprise-ready platform to run your business. Learn how to upgrade all your existing content and see how it maps to the new world in Cognos Analytics. (Session 3686A)

Installing and Configuring IBM Cognos Analytics: Best Practices Roundtable
As an enterprise business intelligence tool, IBM Cognos Analytics has long been valued for its flexibility and scalability. With Cognos Analytics, organizations can easily build out and manage well-governed, high-performing applications for their end users. In this roundtable session, attendees will get an overview of new administrative capabilities and learn about best practices for configuring and tuning systems, based on results coming from the IBM Performance Lab. (Session 7185A)

Client Case Studies

“Channell”ing Our Way to Optimized Manufacturing with IBM Cognos Analytics
Channell Corporation provides thermoplastic and metal enclosures for some of the world’s leading telecom, broadband and utility companies. In this informative session with Channell’s CIO, George Sarabia, you will learn how they are leveraging IBM Cognos Analytics to optimize their manufacturing process by looking at real-time data to realize efficiencies. (Session 6622A)

Building Better Business Intelligence with IBM Cognos Analytics at Asian Paints, Ltd.
Join us at this session to learn how Asian Paints Limited, a multinational paint company headquartered in Mumbai, built a robust financial and management reporting solution with IBM Cognos Analytics. You’ll learn how the company was able to integrate all of its reporting needs and offer greater control, flexibility, and ease of management to its users. (Session 6515A)

How Statsbygg Reaches New Users with the IBM Cognos Analytics Dashboard
Statsbygg is a public-sector administration company in Norway. With limited resources, they have managed to renew their IBM Cognos Analytics solution. The project started in winter 2017, and reports were moved to Cognos Analytics in spring 2018. By developing several different dashboard solutions, usage has increased to 40% of employees each month. This session will demo three projects: an energy dashboard on public screens, dashboard as the front end for a supply chain solution, and a personal management report built in Active Reports sent with burst on mail. The session will cover enterprise challenges and experiences with framework, data module, and dataset, and how Statsbygg uses a modern data warehouse. (Session 1174A)

How Seaboard Marine Increased Revenue Using a Sales Dashboard with Maps and Drill-Through
Seaboard Marine was losing customers to competitors with no visibility into when or why they were leaving. The BI team worked with executives to design a sales dashboard in IBM Cognos Analytics, which included maps and drill-through, to identify high-risk customers. This enabled immediate action to address the issues and retain customers, thus increasing revenue. The project also gave the BI team positive exposure in other areas of the company. Join us to learn how Seaboard Marine customized and optimized maps in Cognos Analytics; how to speed up the rendering of your dashboard to make end users happy; and the art of designing a centralized dashboard in Cognos Analytics to consolidate many reports to answer executives’ questions. (Session 7043A)

Hands-On Labs

Hands-On Lab: Using Cognitive Capabilities to Uncover Deeper Insights
There’s insight hidden deep within your data . . . have you discovered it? Come experience how the new advanced analytics capabilities of IBM Cognos Analytics allow you to derive new information from your data and develop insights about patterns and drivers from historical results. Through hands-on exercises and interactive demos, you’ll see how to use IBM Cognos Analytics to progress your company up the analytics maturity curve from descriptive analytics to diagnostic analytics, enabling decision-makers to drive better business outcomes — and all from a single user interface! (Session 3892A)

Hands-On Lab: Make Data Prep Easy with Data Blending for a 360-degree View of Your Business
Disparate data happens. IBM Cognos Analytics intent-driven data modeling can help. Learn how to use your personal data sets and blend those with enterprise data to create integrated data sources for smart data discovery. We’ll cover data preparation/blending topics such as how to join all sorts of disparate data sources and refining data properties to create “a single version of the truth” for analysis. We’ll also show you how to enhance data sources using navigation groups, custom grouping/binning, filtering, and calculated fields. (Session 3908A)

Hands-On Lab: Exploring Your Data Using Smart Data Discovery with Dashboards
Accelerate turning your data into insight! Come learn how to use your personal data sets and blend those with enterprise data to create integrated data sources for smart data discovery. Experience the way in which IBM Cognos Analytics empowers business users to perform smart data discovery, explore new insights in their data, and create visually appealing dashboards with ease through the graduated nature of the user experience. (Session 3881A)

Been to Think before? Get your alumni discount!

The sessions above are just the tip of the iceberg, so be sure to take a look at the entire agenda at the conference website. When you go to register there, please keep in mind that IBM offers a $300 alumni discount to individuals who have attended the conference before. Think is a great deal even at the full price, but this is one more way we sweeten the pot to keep you coming back.

Mark your calendar for February 12–15, 2019, and register now. We’ll see you in San Francisco!

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