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Allison Biesboer

Survey analysis that’s spot on: SurveyMonkeying around with Harry Potter

In SurveyMonkey, you can ask your audience open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, use rating scales similar to the Net Promoter Score, and more. And when you want to find hidden insights in your SurveyMonkey data, you can use a data connector in Watson Analytics to access SurveyMonkey data. It's even possible to do survey analysis that's spot on - on the spot! Let's take a look.

Analytics for all

Suman Mukherjee

SurveyMonkeying around with sentiment analysis in Watson Analytics

We can learn so much from the people who attend our events, buy our products, visit our websites, or use our services. That’s why SurveyMonkey data, including the text answers to open-ended questions, is a such a goldmine. Did you know that Watson Analytics provides predictive and sentiment analysis of your SurveyMonkey data all in one place?