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Tim Aston

WASM digs into U.S. National Park trends on Reddit

With summer rapidly approaching, vacations are on everyone’s mind. To help plan mine, I turned to Reddit and looked at all posts about U.S. national...

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Tim Aston

Social media reacts to #metoo at Golden Globes, music at Grammys

Two of the season’s biggest awards shows aired in the last few weeks - the Grammys and the Golden Globes, and were received very differently on soci...

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Allison Castelot

3 reasons to be excited about Reddit and Watson Analytics for Social Media

Yes, you Reddit right—the popular, social news aggregated website, Reddit, has come to IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media. For those of you who don't know Reddit, its purpose is to bridge communities and individuals with ideas, the latest digital trends, and breaking news. Here are 3 reasons why I’m excited about Reddit and Watson Analytics for Social Media.

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Forsyth Alexander

5 reasons why you need deep social media analytics

Social media listening tools can tell you what consumers are saying. But, they can’t tell you how to act on what you find or how to use social intelligence to beat the competition. For true value, you need access to deep social media analytics capabilities that include dashboards, data discovery and visualizations. Here are 5 reasons why.


Phylicia Teymer

Dashboards, blind spots and storytelling: Three Analytics University themes resonate

At Analytics University, business people and technical experts alike eagerly came to together from around the globe. Their goal? To learn how to successfully modernize, implement, and grow their analytics platforms and shape the future of their organizations. To gauge their immediate reactions, we used Watson Analytics for Social Media to guide us through the social networks and we quickly saw three themes emerge.

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Jon Oelman

Learning about baseball fans during the playoffs

Baseball is near and dear to me because I am a lifelong Cubs fan. I'm also a Watson Analytics for Social Media fan. So, I thought I'd take my personal passion and apply social media analytics to the chatter about the playoffs. Here's what I learned.


Usaama Alnaji

World Animal Day through the lens of social media analytics

The World Animal Day organization chose social media as its main vehicle of promotion for their big day on October 4. So, researching it with social media analytics was a no-brainer. I fired up Watson Analytics for Social Media and this is what I learned.

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Forsyth Alexander

Back to school with Watson Analytics for Social Media

It's the week after Labor Day, and that means that just about every student in the U.S. has gone back to school. So, let's see what social media has to say about that.

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Allison Biesboer

Acing my way through the US Open: Updates on all the racket and sentiment

With the first week of the US Open underway, I’m bringing new updates and insights via Watson Analytics for Social Media since our previous post on the racket about the US Open. Here are a few observations surrounding the coverage.

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Tim Aston

Canada sesquicentennial: A 150th birthday is making a big impact on social media

Sesquicentennial means 150th anniversary. Canada officially became a sovereign nation on July 1st, 1867. 150 years later, social media is abuzz about the celebrations to mark the this significant milestone in history.