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Forsyth Alexander

May 16, 2017: May the 15th anniversary of Attack of the Clones enlighten us about Star Wars Day

On May 16, 2002, Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones was released. So, I wanted to mark this anniversary somehow. And, then it hit me, why not a follow-up to my May the 4th Star Wars Day article? I could compare this year's data to last year's. All I had to do was fire up my trusty social media analytics solution, Watson Analytics for Social Media.

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Suman Mukherjee

SurveyMonkeying around with sentiment analysis in Watson Analytics

We can learn so much from the people who attend our events, buy our products, visit our websites, or use our services. That’s why SurveyMonkey data, including the text answers to open-ended questions, is a such a goldmine. Did you know that Watson Analytics provides predictive and sentiment analysis of your SurveyMonkey data all in one place?

Analytics for all

Forsyth Alexander

Dieting with social media analytics

Dieting is far and away the most popular new year's resolution. And boy, are there a lot of diets out there: Atkins, DASH, Flat Belly, Low Carb, Vegan and more. With Watson Analytics for Social Media, I can learn about dieting trends and which are more popular.

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Allison Castelot

New in Watson Analytics for Social Media: The nuances of conversation

Now you can dig deeper into the social sentiments expressed about your product, company or service with the latest Watson Analytics for Social Media feature.