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IBM Planning Analytics

Timothy Walker

Melton Renewable energizes financial performance management with IBM Planning Analytics

Melton Renewable Energy UK used IBM Planning Analytics to improve its financial performance management and accelerate budgeting and forecasting cycles.


Paul Bard

Webinar: Multidimensional analysis in finance — because the business world isn’t flat

The business world isn’t flat, like rows and columns on a spreadsheet. It takes multidimensional analysis to truly understand what drives your performance.

IBM Planning Analytics

Tim Walker

Deutsche Bahn makes decisions faster with IBM Planning Analytics

IBM Planning Analytics gives Deutsche Bahn a 360-degree view of its data so it can detect warning signs earlier and make decisions to address them faster.

IBM Planning Analytics

Andreas Kugelmeier

Modern Profitability Modeling with IBM Planning Analytics

Profitability modeling is one of the most important areas of financial analysis. Here are some drawbacks of traditional approaches and how to overcome them.

IBM Planning Analytics

Spencer Lin

Learning from finance leaders—three things top organizations can teach us

Amid the disruption of today’s economy, organizations must learn from finance leaders to digitally reinvent their enterprise business and operating models.

IBM Planning Analytics

Guy Jones

Your planning app should go beyond just automating spreadsheets

Your new planning app is not just a spreadsheet automation tool, but an enabler to unlock capabilities that were unthinkable in the spreadsheet world.

IBM Planning Analytics

Paul Bard

Ops, sales, marketing, HR — everyone needs business planning solutions!

Do you think planning applications are only for Finance? Au contraire, mon frère! Fast, flexible planning and analysis is for everyone!

IBM Planning Analytics

Paul Bard

IBM Planning Analytics top-ranked in 25 KPIs by BARC

IBM Planning Analytics “top-ranked” in 25 KPIs and named a “Leader” in 13 more by BARC in "the world's largest survey of planning software users."

IBM Planning Analytics

Paul Bard

Continuous planning and rolling forecasts deliver major league advantages

Continuous planning is one of the best practices that provides numerous improvements to business processes, which can deliver major benefits over time.

Analytics for all

Dan Vesset

Planning analytics 101: What is our plan?

In this series of posts, guest author Dan Vesset addresses each of the five data analytics capabilities. This first post focuses on planning analytics.