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Paul Bard

For Cinco de Mayo: 5 (+2) FOPM sessions you don't want to miss at Vision

Vision 2017 is the very best venue for you to learn how to get the most from your FOPM solutions. Breakout sessions cover topics ranging from the nuts-and-bolts details of deployment,to innovative approaches taken by your industry peers. On Cinco de Mayo, here are 5 (+2) sessions you don't want to miss.


Forsyth Alexander

Great sessions! Why I wish I were attending Vision instead of going on vacation

I wish I could attend these IBM Vision 2017 data discovery, business intelligence and finance performance sessions instead of going to Europe..


Bill Guilmart

IBM Vision 2017: Why I want to see you there

If you haven't decided to attend IBM Vision 2017 in Orlando May 16-19, here are some reasons why I'd personally like to see you there.