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Patrick Butler

Data discovery? It's a sort of love story

Those of us without the word “data” in our job titles find it hard to have an in-depth relationship with data, even though we encounter it every day. So, I want to introduce you to the romantic side of data. (No, I’m not kidding). Its name is data discovery.

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Swathy Rengarajan

Biased and unbiased data and why they matter

Carrying out data analysis can be insightful, but it can also bring certain pitfalls. Knowing the difference between biased and unbiased data discovery enables you to avoid those pitfalls and identify valuable opportunities.


Forsyth Alexander

Great sessions! Why I wish I were attending Vision instead of going on vacation

I wish I could attend these IBM Vision 2017 data discovery, business intelligence and finance performance sessions instead of going to Europe..

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Suman Mukherjee

Analyzing traffic data in the heart of Manhattan (and other boroughs)

Analyzing traffic data can tell us a lot about accidents. Recently, I used Watson Analytics to analyze data from the New York Police Department from 2013-2015 to see what I could learn about traffic accidents in the New York area.

Analytics for all

Forsyth Alexander

Mind your business with automatic guided analytics

Now that Watson Analytics Mobile for iPad is available, you might be wondering if it’s a solution you can use. If so, I have good news. No matter where you are in your organization, you can use Watson Analytics to discover insights, answer questions and take action.

Analytics for all

Forsyth Alexander

Watson Analytics guides a skeptic to improved holiday sales planning

With data, insights, visualization and a brilliant dashboard from Watson Analytics to back her up, a reluctant sales manager blazes a fast path to improved holiday sales planning.

What's new

Marcus Hearne

Look forward to more smart data discovery

I'd like to welcome you to the future by introducing you to the latest Watson Analytics capabilities next iteration of Cognos Analytics (available later this year).

Analytics for all

Forsyth Alexander

In your own words: Guided analytics with no muss or fuss

One of the most amazing and unique capabilities of Watson Analytics is how it guides you to answers that you can understand. No scripting or query languages needed.