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Planning Analytics

Paul Bard

Ops, sales, marketing, HR — everyone needs business planning solutions!

Do you think planning applications are only for Finance? Au contraire, mon frère! Fast, flexible planning and analysis is for everyone!

Cognos Analytics

Graham Turney

Manufacturing analytics: using smart analytics to improve factories, products and customer satisfaction

Manufacturing is going through massive changes thanks the use of data-driven smart manufacturing analytics to dramatically improve productivity.

Analytics for all

Brendan Grady

4 ways your analytics can deceive you

With all the technology, data, and new analytics techniques available to you today, how know you have the right information to make the best decisions? We studied market trends and interviewed hundreds of customers and reviewed thousands of projects and the common theme we have been hearing is all around “smarts.” Even so, it's easy to be misled. Here are some concrete, public examples of how organizations have “missed the boat" because their analytics deceived them, based on four trends we uncovered in our research.


Phylicia Teymer

Dashboards, blind spots and storytelling: Three Analytics University themes resonate

At Analytics University, business people and technical experts alike eagerly came to together from around the globe. Their goal? To learn how to successfully modernize, implement, and grow their analytics platforms and shape the future of their organizations. To gauge their immediate reactions, we used Watson Analytics for Social Media to guide us through the social networks and we quickly saw three themes emerge.

Analytics for all

Swathy Rengarajan

Five reasons why Watson Analytics is a great alternative to pivot tables

With just a few clicks, you can use Watson Analytics to explore, dig deep, and create striking data visualizations that tell the same story as pivot tables. But, it does it much more engagingly.

Analytics for all

Forsyth Alexander

Oh, the cool things you can do with data visualizations in Watson Analytics

Data visualizations make it easy to find new insights in your data when you're using Watson Analytics. Let's look at some of the cool things you can do with the "dataviz" generated by Watson Analytics.

Analytics for all

Vishnu Nanduri

A data scientist speaks: Business needs Watson Analytics

Of all the tools I've used inthe past decade as a data scientist, Watson Analytics is the one that truly can democratize analytics. As such, it is a critical component of any business’s analytics journey.

Cognos Analytics

Colin Sumter

Thoughts on using Cognos Analytics for business intelligence

Attending sessions on business intelligence and Cognos Analytics at IBM World of Watson, combined with my own self study, helped me understand how to really gain value from the product. And I learned more about my skill set and the opportunity to grow into it.