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Kevin McFaul

IBM Takes Cognos to the SMB with Low Price Points, Ease-of-Use Features

IBM today released a new, updated version of IBM Cognos® Analytics on Cloud, equipped with a host of new ease-of-use features and a low price point, ...

IBM Cognos Analytics

Mohammed Omar Khan

IBM and PMsquare partner to help you see the bigger picture with Thrive!

From data prep and discovery to data visualization and collaboration, AI drives the all new IBM Cognos Analytics! Our goal is to help you hit the ...

IBM Cognos Analytics

Letha Wicker

3 Cognos Analytics Success Scenarios

It’s all very well to list speeds and feeds, pretty screenshots and teaser videos. However, the true power of the all-new IBM Cognos Analytics only ...

IBM Cognos Analytics

Graham Turney

Biotech in the age of AI: Smart firms need smart biotech analytics

Today, biotech companies have more data than ever to help them address challenges and create new opportunities — IF they use smart biotech analytics.

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Timothy Walker

Time to register for Think 2019!

IBM's blockbuster Think 2019 conference is coming up! Join us in San Francisco on February 12–15 to sharpen your skills, see the latest technology, and extend your professional network.

Analytics for all

Tim Walker

10 can’t-miss sessions at IBM Analytics University 2018

Recently we invited you to “take yourself back to school” at IBM Analytics University 2018. Now it’s time to figure out your class schedule!

Data Science

Tim Walker

How data science can enable better demand forecasting and planning

If you want a highly productive data science team that enables better demand forecasting and planning, you must empower them with the right tools.

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Gregory Verlinden

Advanced analytics meets real-world results at Analytics University in Stockholm

As my colleagues and I work with IBM’s European clients, we get to witness the business impacts of advanced analytics and data science every day.

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Dan Vesset

Prescriptive analytics 101: What should be done about it?

In this series of posts, guest author Dan Vesset addresses each of the five data analytics capabilities. This fifth and final post focuses on prescriptive analytics.

Analytics for all

Dan Vesset

Predictive analytics 101: What will happen next?

In this series of posts, guest author Dan Vesset addresses each of the five data analytics capabilities. This fourth post focuses on predictive analytics.