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IBM Cognos Analytics

Patrick Butler

Augmented intelligence for data analytics and reporting: four webinars

Find out how augmented intelligence has been built into the all-new IBM Cognos Analytics. Link to webinars on how AI can drive better data analytics.

IBM Cognos Analytics

Graham Turney

Banks make better decisions with smart, unbiased banking analytics

How can financial institutions make unbiased decisions that anticipate consumers' desires? By using banking analytics that infuse traditional BI with AI.

IBM Cognos Analytics

Graham Turney

Trendsetters Rejoice! Why you need smarter BI for retail operations

Retailers operate in one of the most data-driven industries in the world. But even in retail, the data times, they are a-changin'.

Analytics for all

Brad Molzen

You can’t build AI without an analytics foundation

When you’re building a house, you always start with the foundation.  It is the most important part of your house, and deserves your highest amount ...