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IBM Planning Analytics

Spencer Lin

Learning from finance leaders—three things top organizations can teach us

Amid the disruption of today’s economy, organizations must learn from finance leaders to digitally reinvent their enterprise business and operating models.

IBM Cognos Analytics

Nickolus Plowden

What is Business Intelligence?

Data is everywhere. In your phone, your TV, your car, your house, your company’s ledgers and supply chain . . . we’re living in a world awash with...

Analytics for all

Tim Walker

Do You Trust Your Data to Drive Better Decisions? Two New Resources Help You Learn How.

Why read this: To understand the quality of your data and drive better decision making. The payoff: Two new expert resources from IBM Business Analyt...

Analytics for all

Paul Bard

You can’t see what’s coming if you’re always “heads down.” Look up—it's Think 2018!

Are you “heads down” busy at work pretty much all the time? Most of us are. Well, it’s time to lift your head up and see what’s happening and ...

Analytics for all

Patrick Butler

Data analytics — four short talks with IBM experts

What questions are you asking about your business data analytics? We asked IBM Analytics experts how they perceive today's challenges in data analytics.

Analytics for all

Tim Aston

Dodge throws touchdown, then fumbles their Super Bowl ads

One of the hottest topics on social media these past few days has been the Super Bowl commercials.  Many viewers tune in just to watch these ads, ign...

Analytics for all

Usaama Alnaji

What does the internet think about 2018's Super Bowl LII? Get the play-by-play

The biggest football game of the year has descended upon the U.S.! Get your jerseys on, game face on, and your queso dip ready folks, because on Sunda...

IBM Planning Analytics

Paul Bard

Let’s add “O” to FP&A: Why finance teams should include operational data in their FP&A

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is probably the most interesting part of the finance job. But, according to a recent article in CFO magazin...

Analytics for all

Paul Ambraz

How to be data-driven and act on your analytics vision

 The potential of what businesses can achieve with analytics is tremendous, and it just keeps growing.  Taking full advantage means incorporating ...

Analytics for all

Roberta Wakerell

According to Gartner, bias is an intrinsic part of analytics: Here’s how to deal with it

In a recent report, Gartner argued that “bias is present in all analysis; it is present in all data, all models and all algorithms.” This is not a call to neutrality. On the contrary, Gartner asserts that “eliminating all bias in data, models or algorithms is not a reasonable goal.” But where does that leave analytics solutions vendors?