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New in Watson Analytics for Social Media: The nuances of conversation

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New in Watson Analytics for Social Media: The nuances of conversation

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Watson Analytics for Social Media does the thing that you don’t want to do: read the entirety of the internet to find things that are relevant to you. Enter the topics you care about, and Watson Analytics for Social Media will scour tens of millions of social media sites and create a dataset of only the posts that matter.

Then, Watson Analytics for Social Media automatically generates charts and graphs of the data so that you can easily spot the themes, authors, geographic regions, and so much more, helping you understand the pulse of your audience. Starting today, Watson Analytics for Social Media exposes the social media posts that make up your dataset: “mentions.”

Now available: Mentions

We often hear our customers say that they love that Watson Analytics for Social Media allows them to see the important insights in social conversations quickly, but that they want to know more. They can see that there’s been a dip in satisfaction with their company (increased negative sentiment over time) but wonder if it’s attributed to their products or their website, for example. Well, now that they can see these mentions in context, they can discover the nuances of the conversation and direct resources to create richer customer or product experiences.

Watson Analytics for Social Media’s charts and visualizations provide even greater detail. Click something interesting, and see the posts that make up the data underneath.

social sentiment analysis

How you can try it

If you haven’t started your trial yet, visit watsonanalytics.com to sign up.

I’m sure that you’ll get value from the preconfigured charts, but when you find yourself wanting to know more, to see the data behind the story, become a subscriber and leverage this great new feature, and all of the analytic functions in Watson Analytics.

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