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What does the internet think about 2018’s Super Bowl LII? Get the play-by-play

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What does the internet think about 2018’s Super Bowl LII? Get the play-by-play

The biggest football game of the year has descended upon the U.S.! Get your jerseys on, game face on, and your chip dip ready folks. On Sunday, February 4 at 6:30 PM ET, at the U.S. Bank Stadium in sunny Minneapolis, MN (and by sunny I mean cold), the Pats go head-to-head with the Eagles in their first Super Bowl rematch in 13 years. It will be streamed on NBC with the national anthem sung by pop superstar Pink and a halftime show from Justin Woodpond, er… Timberlake, who hasn’t been seen at the Super Bowl halftime show since ’03.

Superbowl Party“Yeah bro! Great touchdown!” – Guy from stock photo

Super Bowl LII revelations from social data

The internet has been abuzz with rich and interesting data revelations that may, or may not surprise you. I ran a data analysis with Watson Analytics for Social Media, and here are 12 of the most interesting revelations that I stumbled upon. Enjoy!

#1: Surprisingly, there isn’t any negative sentiment surrounding the football game. I would’ve assumed there would be a lot of smack talk, given the high stakes and the bad rap the Pats and Brady get (*cough* *cough,* cheaters).


#2: I was happy to see a new drop-down design, allowing me to easily navigate. Nice touch!
Super Bowl 2

#3: I’m not sure why interest in the Super Bowl has been dropping as time gets closer to kickoff, which is apparent in the Share of voice trend graph. One would assume the interest would rise in anticipation. However, it might make sense that once the Super Bowl teams are determined in the playoffs, interest wanes until right before the game.

Super Bowl 3

#4: The Eagles and Patriots are equally as popular, which is surprising given how big the Patriots are in the popular vernacular (more on this later). Brady of course is getting a lot of attention, but Foles, the Eagles backup QB getting some shine too, possibly because of his stellar game against the Vikings last week. Surprisingly, not many people are talking about the halftime show with Justin Treepool.  Super Bowl 4


#5: Most people are either excited, ambivalent, or neutral about the Super Bowl. Meh, no surprise here.
Super Bowl 5

#6: Behold! A cool new WASM feature that came in handy! It was counting “Super” as a positive sentiment. However, we know that it’s just part of the name of the search term “Super Bowl.” So, I was able to remove it from the visualization by designating it a neutral sentiment instead of a positive one. This gives us a much more accurate view of what people are talking about, which is about who’s going to win.

Super Bowl 6

Super Bowl 7Super Bowl 8


#7: There is lots of news and video coverage, but there are not as many mentions from fan-created sources such as Blogs, Facebook, Reddit, and Forums. Perhaps this is an indication that the NFL is heavily marketing the event without much success (or reaction) from online fans.
Super Bowl 9

#8: (Reddit Specific)  /r/Eagles beating out /r/Patriots (and #10) shows me that Eagles fans are much more enthusiastic about their Super Bowl appearance. Perhaps this is because it’s rare. It’s interesting how the conversation has stayed in enthusiast groups (NFL, Eagles, Patriots), and did not significantly spill over to the general Reddit-sphere (News, Funny, Sports). I’m guessing this is because Reddit is a global platform, and American Football remains a sport that is only popular in the United States.

Super Bowl 10

#9: Once you take out North America, Australia pops up as having a lot of engagement. This might be because of the popularity of rugby in the land down under, which is similarly a contact sport much like American Football.
Super Bowl 11

#10: This one might be my favorite. There are more engagements from serious users of the platforms about the Eagles than about the Patriots. This is probably because there are many hardcore Eagles fans engaged in conversation surrounding the Super Bowl online. On the other hand, churners who just come and go talk about the Patriots because it’s a name they’ve heard in football and decide to say something uninformed. Just giving you the facts here, people.

Super Bowl 12

#11: Gender breakdown: those who identify as men are more into football than women (80/20).
Super Bowl 13

#12: I love this one too. People who are into sports (i.e. Super Bowl), also love arts and entertainment, technology, and animals. It’s super interesting how the divide between the “jock” and the “tech nerd” has blurred. Or, maybe it’s blurred in celebration of this big event.

Super Bowl 14


That’s it for this year’s Super Bowl analysis. I hope you were amazed, or at least ambivalent (and not feeling negative). I’ll be looking forward to seeing the Eagles claw their way through the head-to-head battle royale with the Patriots. We’ll just have to see who comes out on top! And of course, I’ll be looking forward to that halftime entertainment with the elusive Justin Lumbercreek.

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