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IBM and Motio partner to accelerate upgrades to Cognos Analytics 11.1

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IBM and Motio partner to accelerate upgrades to Cognos Analytics 11.1

At IBM Analytics University 2018 in Miami, we unveiled the all-new IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1, driven by AI. This new release goes beyond visualizations by enhancing our trusted platform with new capabilities like an AI conversational assistant, advanced analytics, AI-recommended visualizations and insights and user-centric data prep and modeling.

We also announced that to help Cognos Analytics clients accelerate adoption of the latest release it will partner with Motio, Inc. and make their MotioCI and MotioPI products available for IBM customers worldwide.

Why Motio software

Because Motio software is designed to enhance development and administration processes for Cognos, it’s a natural for upgrade projects — helping to reduce effort, time and money expended. Motio solutions have improved Cognos upgrades by:

  • Reducing scope by identifying invalid, duplicate and unused content that should not be migrated into a new environment.
  • Minimizing time and effort through automated testing to validate that applications behave as expected in the upgraded environment.
  • Providing version control to safeguard against needing to recreate content to mimic a previous version, or content that gets deleted through version control.

Using Motio during an upgrade increases the efficiency of the project, ensures that the quality and accuracy of your Cognos assets are maintained in the new environment and puts the powerful new features of Cognos Analytics 11.1 into the hands of the user community faster.

Motio’s Relationship with IBM

Motio began its partnership with Cognos in 2003, building products that extended and customized Cognos applications. IBM became a Motio customer in 2011 and has been reaping the value of MotioCI and MotioPI software in its own Cognos environments ever since.

To find out more and get started with 30 days of using Motio to improve your Cognos Analytics implementation, click here.


Kevin McFaul is a Senior Product Manager, IBM Business Analytics.


Douglas Bonanno: Global Sales Executive, IBM Business Analytics

Edwin van Megesen: VP Business Development, Motio Software

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