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How to use Twitter activity to measure the effectiveness of your marketing

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How to use Twitter activity to measure the effectiveness of your marketing

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A powerful feature of IBM Watson Analytics is the integration with Twitter. The ability to create datasets of hashtags of your choosing to view the number of tweets, sentiment, gender of those tweeting and other information can give you critical insights into the social media aspect of your business, your competitors, or other items trending in the news that affect your business.

To demonstrate this capability, let’s look at a 2015 sports story that captured the world’s attention, the investigation into FIFA and its alleged corrupt practices.

Where are the tweets coming from?

As we can see here, this news is truly global in nature.


There are tweets registered from nearly every country in the world.


What language are the tweets in?


Despite the global popularity of the sport, the language used the most is English. This could be because the US launched the investigation.

Who is tweeting?

Now, let’s look at the tweets by gender.


The majority of tweets are by males, which is not surprising; however, women certainly weren’t silent on the subject.

Positive or negative?

Finally, let’s take a look at sentiment.


Drilling in we can look exclusively at those tweets with positive sentiment.


And then drill through to look at what some of the sentiment signals that people are tweeting.


Here we can see terms such as “A must,” “Brilliant,” “Fittingly,” “Good” and “Lovely” are being tweeted.

This capability is part of the Plus and Professional editions of Watson Analytics and puts Twitter analysis into the hands of just about any business user. In addition to internal data, you can now look at external social data to gauge how effective your marketing campaigns are, what people are saying about your company, or take advantage of negative sentiment regarding your competitors.

If you haven’t tried Watson Analytics yet, now’s a great time to start by signing up for the free edition.

Go pro and get more of what you love about Watson Analytics. Learn more by viewing this Watson Analytics Professional video.

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