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Great sessions! Why I wish I were attending Vision instead of going on vacation

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Editor’s Note: It’s Vision Thursday! Time to find out more about the sessions you can attend.

When I was making my vacation plans late last year, I made a mistake. I booked a trip with family members to Europe that coincides with IBM Vision 2017. The trip is non-refundable, so I have to go. And although I’m very excited, I’m also mentally kicking myself. Vision is a terrific conference. I know this because I attended it last year and learned a lot. And, I have to say that the sessions were what made Vision such an excellent conference.

This year, the sessions look to be even better. Another reason I’m mentally kicking myself. They’ve given the tracks a lot of thought and categorized them by popular topics: data discovery, business intelligence, financial performance, sales performance management, and governance and risk management. Since my background is business analytics, I’m going to share the sessions I wish I could attend for data discovery, business intelligence and financial performance.

Data discovery sessions

The data discovery track focuses on what business and finance professionals can find with automated and guided analytics. Here are some of the most intriguing sessions in this category:

  • Risky Business: Analyze Social Media Data to Gauge Your Reputation. Gone are the days when you had to analyze your enterprise data in a silo while interns crawled through social media posts looking for negative feedback. See the impact that social discussions can have on your business reputation.
  • Your Secrets Are Safe With Us: Security and More With Watson Analytics. Learn how intelligent, multichannel, security-rich information delivery based on the recipient can be achieved with IBM Watson Analytics.
  • Out of the Dark Shadows: Easy Data Prep for Watson Analytics. You can prepare data before and after you load data into Watson Analytics. This overview of data loading and preparation for IBM Watson Analytics explains how.

Business intelligence sessions

The business intelligence track emphasizes the importance of making discoveries on your own but then backing them up with trusted and governed data and reports. Here are the sessions that I would attend if I were going to be there:

  • Storytelling with Data in IBM Cognos Analytics. Find the motivation to add storytelling capabilities to your analytics process. Learn how you can use IBM Cognos Analytics to tell the story behind the insights you have discovered when exploring your data.
  • Modern and Smart: IBM’s Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform in the Office of Finance. See how a “modern” business intelligence platform that includes automation and discovery is getting smarter to benefit finance users.
  • Enabling Insight at Speed through Cloud-based Data Discovery and Business Intelligence. Exploring new data. Helping the business understand it. Sharing it with a wider audience before being added to the corporate plan. All of this can slow you down just when you need to be quick. See how to significantly decrease the time it takes to go from new data to insight.

Financial performance sessions

My introduction to the wonderful world of analytics was in financial performance. So, I like to keep up with what’s going on, even though my focus is now mainly data discovery and business intelligence. The happening place for financial performance right now is cloud, so here’s what caught my eye in this category:

  • Transitioning to the Cloud with IBM Planning Analytics. With the exciting release of IBM Planning Analytics, what do you need to know to move to the cloud? Learn directly from the experts as they share their insights and answer your questions regarding deployment.
  • McCormick Continues to Achieve Breakthrough Improvements in Planning and Analytics. McCormick brings passion to flavor! Learn how McCormick uses Cognos TM1 for transformational improvements in its planning and analysis capabilities.
  • Hybrid Planning: Accessing On-Premise Data from IBM Planning Analytics in the Cloud. In this overview of the integration technologies available in IBM Planning Analytics Software-as-a-Service., you’ll see a demonstration of how to configure and access on-premises data using a secure connector to safeguard your information.

Don’t make the same mistake I made

Don’t be like me. Instead, mark your calendar now and plan to attend IBM Vision 2017. To learn more and register, click here.

And, if you want something fun to do while waiting for Vision to come, I recommend exploring the free trials of Watson Analytics, Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics. Click each product name to find out how to sign up.


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