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Announcing IBM Cognos Analytics for IBM Cloud Private for Data

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Announcing IBM Cognos Analytics for IBM Cloud Private for Data

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IBM Cloud Private for Data is a platform that strives continually to improve itself, and, with the addition of IBM Cognos Analytics, that drive forward only accelerates. Cognos Analytics is one of the six premium available add-ons for IBM Cloud Private for Data. It brings modern business intelligence into the platform by enhancing the efficiency and capability of business users, report authors, and administrators through a simplified and graduated user experience.

Now you can find the answers to your thorniest business data questions right from the IBM Cloud Private for Data platform, secure within your private cloud.

Cognos Analytics – Your data, your way, for any business user

Do you have bottlenecks between IT providing data and your business users consuming it? Cognos Analytics obliterates those bottlenecks by delivering secure, governed access to multiple data sources directly into the hands of users, along with a user experience that allows anyone to master the solution.

Natural language generation makes it simple for users to interact with data, automating data preparation and allowing them to ask questions and receive answers using plain language and with no need for SQL knowledge. An AI Assistant helps users get the most relevant business insights by suggesting related visualizations and data joins that uncover the truth hidden in your data. Exploration becomes revelation with Cognos Analytics.


Reporting and storytelling are both available for users as well. Users can use Slack or email to burst reporting to thousands of recipients, with stunning visualizations that provide an unbiased look into your data. Further, users can employ the storytelling functionality to deliver living, breathing data presentations complete with annotations, voiceovers, and more, with real-time drilldown into the data. Learn more about Cognos Analytics at

IBM Cloud Private for Data – Discover the world within your firewall

Data is your most strategic asset, and you can’t afford to keep it in the dark. AI helps you unlock your valuable data so that you can make the most of it and use it to drive better business decisions in far less time than before. IBM Cloud Private for Data is an open, cloud-native infrastructure for AI that allows you to completely change your relationship with your data.

This integrated platform still keeps governance and security strictly in your hands, while adding data and analytics microservices where you have the need for them. Infuse AI across your business, gaining all the benefits of the cloud with the peace of mind that comes from a private, secured environment. Learn more about IBM Cloud Private for Data at

Cognos Analytics + IBM Cloud Private for Data

The IBM Cloud Private for Data platform includes access to a constellation of services, with more being added regularly. Cognos Analytics is now available for deployment within this platform and can be provisioned directly through it, reducing time-to-value and expanding access to users of all types across your business.

This winning combination is a must for businesses seeking to infuse AI into their data infrastructure.

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