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This is how you avoid self-centered social media analysis using Watson Analytics for Social Media

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This is how you avoid self-centered social media analysis using Watson Analytics for Social Media

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I’m writing today to inspire the many Watson Analytics for Social Media users who have been creating great social media analysis projects that give them insight about their brand for months. I want to thank you so much for being a Watson Analytics for Social Media user. As you know well, it’s easy to create competitive and brand health analyses with Watson Analytics for Social Media.

Today, I want to challenge you to create projects that are outside of the box—projects that get to the heart of a disruptive issue with one big difference. You take your competitors, and even your own brands, out of the social media analysis equation.

social media analysis burgersIt’s about the… French fries?

Of course, it’s useful to see how many times people engaged with brand content. In addition, everyone realizes that customers and consumers do not just engage with branded content and social profiles; they mention brands on social media. But, what often gets disregarded is that they’re also out there talking about what the brands are selling or offering but without naming any names.

You see, people are also on Facebook showing off their favorite new shoes and saying why they love them (but not the brand). Or, they’re in a Twitter storm debate about the best kind automobile warranty but without mentioning automakers. Or, they’re posting photos of their favorite pizza without naming the provider. You get the (Instagram) picture.

A few weeks ago, I attended a conference. One of the speakers said, “What brands don’t realize is that it’s not about McDonalds versus Burger King. It’s about French fries, burgers, and milkshakes.” What he meant is this. Brands are important, but social media analytics can provide insight beyond brands.

Take your social media analysis up a level

Say you’re not sleeping at night because startups are disrupting the way your company has done business for decades. You could create a project that looks at topics and themes that are about the business and not your brand name. If you’re tasked with innovating and disrupting your company from within, build a project that proves your theory or plan right or wrong—again by leaving out specific names. Basically, the possibilities are endless and the results are invaluable.

Reach out or learn more

As always, I would love to speak with you to brainstorm great solutions for your brand. Please reach out to me any time, And, if you haven’t tried Watson Analytics for Social Media, isn’t it time you did? Just click here to sign up for the free trial.

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