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Augmented intelligence for data analytics and reporting: four webinars

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Augmented intelligence for data analytics and reporting: four webinars

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As covered in previous posts, last autumn IBM released the new version of Cognos Analytics. This represents a great leap forward in data analytics and reporting. For the first time, IBM has built augmented intelligence into its flagship analytics and business intelligence solution.

What is augmented intelligence?

Put simply, augmented intelligence is when a “smart” automated feature assists a user. It enhances the human experience but ­— unlike some versions of artificial intelligence — it does not replace it. Augmented intelligence uses machine learning, natural language processing, and other advanced techniques to expand automation and do the heavy lifting for you, removing time-consuming, tiresome processes.

When it comes to data analytics and reporting in Cognos Analytics, automated features are available all through the user experience. Without “shouting” at you, they suggest other (often not obvious) ways of exploring data and visualizing it.

Webinars on augmented intelligence and data analytics reporting

To explain the new augmented intelligence features of Cognos Analytics, our UK team recently presented a series of webinars. These webinars, which run for 30–45 minutes, are now available on demand.

IBM Cognos Analytics experts cover four themes in the webinars. They use different real-life scenarios to explain how augmented intelligence can be used in business intelligence (BI), data analytics, and reporting. Find out more about each webinar by clicking on the title links below.

1. How augmented intelligence is changing the way we do business intelligence

  • Join IBM experts and learn how to unlock the value of data and begin the journey to AI.  

2. AI recommended visualizations and insights

  • Learn how to make dashboards and visualizations more flexible and powerful. Communicate your findings in compelling and engaging ways.

3. Easily create & distribute reports with Cognos Analytics

  • Bring greater strategic value to your reports and forecasts. Learn how to share insights quickly and easily with leaders and colleagues.

4. Data preparation & modeling with Cognos Analytics

  • Discover how the new built-in intelligence capabilities in Cognos Analytics help users shape and clean data more quickly and easily.

If you’d like to further explore how augmented intelligence can drive business intelligence, click here for more information and resources.

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