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Five reasons why Watson Analytics is a great alternative to pivot tables

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Five reasons why Watson Analytics is a great alternative to pivot tables

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Pivot tables are a way of slicing and dicing data in a spreadsheet. However, they can be complicated and time-consuming, not to mention…well, just a little dull and tired-looking.

An alternative to pivot tables?

With just a few clicks, Watson Analytics lets you explore, dig deep, and create striking data visualizations that tell the same story as pivot tables. But, it does it much more engagingly. It’s like going from black-and-white to color. Upload data from a connected database or spreadsheet and off you go into a brilliant alternative to pivot tables!

1. Helps non-technical users do data exploration

Even someone with no experience with pivot tables can, by default, get all the same benefits—data exploration, data filtering and segmentation and automated calculations—by using Watson Analytics. Click the screen to interact with the data. Basically, it’s a friendlier, more up-to-date way to slice and dice.

alternative to pivot tables Watson AnalyticsA normal pivot table compared to a discovery created in Watson Analytics. Which do you find more appealing? In addition to being eye-catching, Watson Analytics visualizations are interactive. Click, dig deeper, and explore.

2. Provides automated insights

Watson Analytics has an advanced, automated data discovery feature. Therefore, when you upload data, you get cognitive, unbiased insights. In other words, Watson Analytics determines,the most important elements and relationships in the data and delivers them to you. So, if you’re looking for something in particular (as you might be with pivot tables), you can find it by manually playing with the data.

alternative to pivot tables starting points

What unbiased data insight grabs your attention? Let Watson Analytics be your guide.

3. Feeds curiosity, encourages deep-dive data analysis

Watson Analytics can be a nagging partner—but in a good way. When you generate one data visualization, it’s not content to leave it there. Instead, it suggests further discoveries (the Watson Analytics name for data visualization) you can explore. As a result, these discoveries can lead you on an adventure that can ultimately yield data analysis gold: insights that fundamentally impact your business.

alternative to pivot tables spiral

For more insights into your data, follow the Discoveries tab.

4. Makes it easy to create and share dashboards in jig time

Part of the challenge of presenting actionable data is engaging and exciting others with your discoveries. You can construct any number of pivot tables in worksheets. However, for the uninitiated, in this format, the data can be hard to decipher. Watson Analytics has a display function that lets you create dashboards and infographics that tell a visual, easy-to-understand story. Moreover, you can email them to colleagues or post them on a website for maximum impact, interaction or feedback.

altenrative to pivot tables - dashboard
A dashboard output from Watson Analytics, which can be shared by email, inserted in a deck or on a website.

5. It costs nothing to use Watson Analytics

If you’re interested in exploring Watson Analytics as an alternative to pivot tables, sign up for a 30-day, no-obligation trial of the full-functionality Watson Analytics Professional edition.


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