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5 reasons why boring enterprise data + relevant social data = amazing

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5 reasons why boring enterprise data + relevant social data = amazing

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Social analytics is an important source of customer insights

It’s no secret that social media is filled with information that can benefit your organization. The trick is getting to those insights from the volumes of social media data found in networks, communities, blogs, forums and online comments. Not to mention comparing what it tells you with insights you’ve discovered by analyzing your enterprise data.

Can you hear, see, understand and fulfill me now?

So, how you make sense of it? Social listening is helpful for gaining some insights but it can’t tell you how to act on the trends and sentiment you find. It can’t tell you the correlation between negative social sentiment and the availability of your new product in certain regions, for example. For true value from social media data, you need to be able to go deep into social media, down to the individual mention level. And you need to be able to see summaries of that information in a way that’s easy to compare with other insights and visualizations. And, it should be designed for just about anyone to use.

The good news is that you can take the powerful data discovery and automatic visualization capabilities of IBM Watson Analytics and join it with social data using Watson Analytics for Social Media to explore relevant relationships and interactions. Soon, you’ll be seeing the impact that social discussions can have on your business. Gone are the days when you had to analyze your dull corporate data in a silo while interns crawled through social media posts looking for negative feedback. Everything you need to transform the boring into relevant, exciting insights is right there. Here are five more reasons why Watson Analytics for Social Media will amaze you.

socila media analytics

1. Take a pulse-of an audience, that is

Watson Analytics for Social Media takes the pulse of an audience for you by processing streams of consciousness from all kinds of social data. It spots trends and identifies new insights and relationships from multiple social channels and hundreds of thousands of social media comments so you can really understand a topic or market. With the power of guided data exploration and automatic dashboard creation, you get exceptionally insightful discoveries about sentiment, customer, prospects and campaign effectiveness.

2. All you need to do is type

Analyzing the information individuals generate at an almost alarming rate is imperative if you want to understand your market. Because IBM is a research leader in cognitive analytics, we can offer solutions that don’t require knowledge of scripting or query languages to ask questions and interpret answers. Watson Analytics for Social Media enables you to type in a topic and uncover valuable insights all on your own. You don’t need advanced training or technical knowledge of analytics to find insights.

cognitive social analytics

3. With the power of suggestion, you don’t miss a thing

Watson Analytics for Social Media guides you to accurate conclusions fast. An intuitive search feature surfaces related terms as “suggestions,” for more focused social analytics results. These suggestions serve as guidance for search terms and as an accuracy check for more closely aligned search. There’s no “black box,” either. You get direction to suggestions that relate to your topic. You don’t miss a thing because you couldn’t think of every possibility.

4. Get away from the social grey areas

Instead of classifying a post with different emotions as “neutral,” as a way to handle social scale, Watson Analytics for Social Media extracts multiple snippets of conversation from a single social post. For example, Watson Analytics can take “I love my phone but I hate the bill,” and identify “I love my phone” as positive, and “I hate the bill” as negative. Just imagine how this can help validate a research or marketing campaign-you now have fewer neutral results and more targeted context.

5. Watch rich social analytics get richer

You can really feel the power of insights from social media data when it’s compared to other data sources. When you analyze social data with Watson Analytics for Social Media, you can identify and explore new trends. Easy-to-understand visualizations and dashboards can sit alongside internal business data to help you make more informed decisions. For example, customer sentiment following the launch of a new product or service can be compared with actual sales or to weather conditions at the time of an event.

social and business data analysis

How it delivers

Watson Analytics for Social Media guides you through social conversations to find information you can use to improve your business. Smart data discovery and analysis capabilities provide insights in familiar terms. By suggesting topics to explore as a starting point, Watson Analytics for Social Media enables you to quickly identify relevant content, relationships and trends through the traffic of social networks. Watson Analytics for Social Media then automatically organizes your findings in a rich analytics dashboard for a better picture of the data.

Where you can go to learn more

Want more details? Visit the Watson Analytics for Social Media web page.

Find out what 2 million registered users love about Watson Analytics. Sign up for your free edition at and learn how you can take advantage of a free trial of Watson Analytics for Social Media.

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