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5 reasons why you need deep social media analytics

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5 reasons why you need deep social media analytics

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Tools that listen to social media can tell you what consumers are saying. But, they can’t tell you how to act on what you find. Nor do they get the right social media intelligence to the right people at the right time so you can beat the competition. For true value, you need access to deep social media analytics capabilities that include dashboards, data discovery and visualizations.

deep social media analytics dashboard and visualization

Here are five reasons why.

1. Get unbiased access to conversations

Part of any comprehensive data discovery initiative is to identify “what you don’t know” while transcending unintentional bias. For example, you see a topic on social media explode and think you know the cause. Deep social media analytics capabilities, however, show you conversations you might not know about to help you get to the real root cause. Allison Castelot shared a great story of how, for example, conversations about a bike-sharing program showed that the cause of a spike in the topic was different from what you might think.

2. Get a full health report on your audience, not just the pulse

Social media data gives you access to a wealth of information about your audience. With almost all social media analysis tools, you can get an idea of how the world feels about a given topic or market. This is the pulse of your audience. But as we all know, a pulse is only one indication of health. Add guided data exploration and automatic dashboard creation, and your insights are much more comprehensive. You’ll have a much better understanding of your audience, and can better plan campaigns or launches. Why? You’ll have a fuller picture of sentiment, customers, prospects, and the effectiveness of previous campaigns.

3. Understand social behavior without years of advanced training

You need to understand your market. Analyzing the information individuals generate at an almost alarming rate is therefore imperative. This means processing and pulling insights from the streams of consciousness that social audiences and markets create. At the same time, a degree in statistics or data science should not be necessary to understand this data. You don’t have time for that and neither does your business. Deep social media analytics give you the knowledge you crave. You simply type in a topic and uncover valuable insights in a few minutes–no master’s degree required.

4. Deliver more accurate social insights

What can guide you to accurate conclusions quickly and efficiently? Deep social media analytics with a flexible environment that delivers control and more focused social analytics results. It offers suggestions that serve as guidance for search terms and as an accuracy check for more closely aligned search. There should never be a “black box.” And, for added accuracy, it should parse multiple snippets of conversation from a single social post. For example, a solution with deep social media analytics capabilities would not classify “I love my new shoes, but I regret how much I paid for shipping,” as neutral. It would correctly classify each part. Solutions that skim the surface, however, might determine that it’s neutral because it includes “love” and “regret.”

5. Enrich your social media analytics results with other data and vice-versa

Social media data is even more powerful when compared and combined with other data sources. With deep social media analytics capabilities, you extend your business domain expertise with new insights derived from all kinds of information. You can identify and explore new trends to formulate and qualify with your business data. For example, you can compare sales data after launching a new product to customer sentiment and weather conditions at the time of an event. As a result, you have a bigger picture of the launch. And, this is a surefire way to make more informed decisions.deep socila media analytics ebook

How can deep social media analytics work for you?

Deep social media analytics are necessary for business success. But, you might be wondering how it applies to what you do. A joint ebook from Adweek BrandShare and IBM features concrete examples the ways deep social media analytics is benefiting specific organizations. So, in “5 ways you should be using social data.. that you haven’t considered,” you can get a sense of how organizations just like yours are using deep social media analytics.

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