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3 Cognos Analytics Success Scenarios

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3 Cognos Analytics Success Scenarios

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It’s all very well to list speeds and feeds, pretty screenshots and teaser videos. However, the true power of the all-new IBM Cognos Analytics only hits home when you see how new capabilities and self-service options affect real users just like you. We asked three of our clients who have experienced Cognos Analytics 11.1 what kind of positive business intelligence impact the solution has had for their business. What we got was a collection of stories listing  problems and answers that any business can identify with. Let’s look at each in turn.

Miami-Dade County

Rosario Fiallos, middleware administrator for Miami Dade County, looks to Cognos Analytics’ self-service options to speed time to value and improve the responsiveness of city services. They’ve seamlessly made the transition from Watson Analytics to Cognos Analytics, and they are excited about the possibilities inherent in the latest version. For Ms. Fiallos, it’s all about delivering better services to the residents of Miami-Dade County, and Cognos Analytics is the chief weapon in her arsenal.


a.s.r., one of the largest insurers in The Netherlands, uses the new Cognos Analytics to power self-service discovery and dynamic dashboarding. Michiel Veenstra, team lead for the BI and Analytics practice at a.s.r., also relies on the combination of flexibility and security that comes from Cognos Analytics’ governance capabilities. Given the highly regulated nature of a.s.r.’s business, Mr. Veenstra is especially reliant on the combination of ease of use and security. His employees can copy data models from one client to the next while stripping them of any sensitive or confidential information. With Cognos Analytics, a.s.r. ensures they have the best of both worlds – best-of-breed data discovery and centrally governed security.

Ziff Properties, Inc.

Zach Levine, Director of Business Intelligence, and Gustavo Daza, Director of Self-Storage Facilities at Ziff Properties, Inc., stumbled upon Cognos Analytics and a world of customizable data discovery. Guided by the new AI Assistant, they discovered suggested visualizations that helped them see their data in a whole new light. Cognos Analytics sped up their reporting and cleaned it up, often replacing their previous reports while giving employees the capability to drill down into the data to pursue whatever interests them most. Mr. Daza and Mr. Levine were both impressed by Cognos Analytics’ capability to surface industry-specific KPIs, giving them a leg up on the competition.

Cognos Analytics delivers for these clients a modern business intelligence solution that solves real-world problems for real businesses across a variety of industries and across the globe. Find out what Cognos Analytics can do for your business at

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