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Watson Analytics - ** Featured Post **

Forsyth Alexander

I'm gonna get myself connected with Watson Analytics data connectors

Data connectors in Watson Analytics is one of the world's best kept secrets. And, I haven't helped. When I write about Watson Analytics and tell others about it, I almost always talk about how easy it is to upload data and get started with your analysis. Now, it's time to give the other option its due.

Analytics for the rest of us

Roberta Wakerell

According to Gartner, bias is an intrinsic part of analytics: Here’s how to deal with it

In a recent report, Gartner argued that “bias is present in all analysis; it is present in all data, all models and all algorithms.” This is not a call to neutrality. On the contrary, Gartner asserts that “eliminating all bias in data, models or algorithms is not a reasonable goal.” But where does that leave analytics solutions vendors?

Watson Analytics

Forsyth Alexander

Analyzing student retention and progress at Arab Open University

A main strategic objectives of Arab Open University (AOU) is to double the current number of students in the next 5 years. In order to achieve this objective, a top priority is improving student retention and progress. Here's how Watson Analytics is helping.

Watson Analytics

Patrick Butler

Data discovery? It's a sort of love story

Those of us without the word “data” in our job titles find it hard to have an in-depth relationship with data, even though we encounter it every day. So, I want to introduce you to the romantic side of data. (No, I’m not kidding). Its name is data discovery.

Watson Analytics

Forsyth Alexander

What Watson Analytics for Social Media showed me about spring cleaning surprised me

Recently a friend of mine recently introduced me to Fats Waller's song called Spring Cleaning. The title took me back to my major dusting and baseboard scrubbing endeavors a few months ago. Being a curious sort, I started wondering who else did their spring clean . So, I fired it up Watson Analytics for Social Media and got some surprises along the way.

Planning Analytics

Paul Bard

Cloud beckons, but too much planning, budgeting and forecasting remains earthbound

FSN surveyed nearly 1,000 senior finance executives and compiled the results in a report called The Future of Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting." Chapter 3 of the report addresses the promise of cloud deployment while also examining the shortfalls.

Cognos Analytics

Evan Labuzetta

Is insight worth the cost? A new report looks at the numbers

If the benefits are abstract but the costs are tangible, how can you tell if an analytics solution is a good deal? Is the insight you get worth the cost? This is a tough question, even if you build a model. And, the numbers will be different for on-premises solutions vs. cloud and for different sizes of business.


Caroline Seymour

A is for analytics... and Analytics University

From the time we start practicing alphabet letters in workbooks, we never stop learning. This is why we’re giving you the chance to learn more about everything that’s happening in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of analytics. Yes, A is for (IBM) Analytics University.

Watson Analytics

Allison Castelot

This is how you avoid self-centered social media analysis using Watson Analytics for Social Media

I’m writing today to inspire the many Watson Analytics for Social Media users who have been creating great projects. I want to challenge you to create projects that are outside of the box—projects that get to the heart of a disruptive issue with one big difference. You take your competitors, and even your own brands, out of the social media analysis equation.

Planning Analytics

Paul Bard

Financial planning and analysis: Time for the specialists?

Financial planning and analysis is one of the core duties of finance organizations, and probably one of the more fun and interesting jobs as well. And as the volume and the complexity of financial data grows, demand is growing for more FP&A specialists. But there's more to it than that.

Analytics for the rest of us

Nickolus Plowden

A modest prediction about food and friction

On the surface, the Whole Foods deal fits the Amazon model of moving aggressively into new markets. But I don’t think this deal is primarily about food. It’s about friction - in the sense Geoff Colvin described it in his address at IBM Vision 2017. By using smart technology, data and connectivity, innovative companies are radically changing how they do business and interact with their customers. “Frictionless” is a metaphor for the multiple ways in which technology accelerates business.