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Analytics for all - ** Featured Post **

Tim Walker

Harmonize your demand forecasting and planning with advanced analytics

In a successful demand forecasting and planning cycle backed by predictive analytics, everyone sings their part from the same sheet of music.

Event - ** Featured Post **

Tim Walker

IBM Analytics University 2018: Take yourself back to school!

Attend the leading event for learning how IBM Analytics can make your organization more successful, in Stockholm September 17–20 and in Miami October 2–5.

Planning Analytics

Paul Bard

Rolling forecasts — Aberdeen offers more reasons to adopt a proven best practice

Rolling forecasts are a well-established best practice. Now, a new knowledge brief from the Aberdeen Group identifies more of their benefits.

Cognos Analytics

Graham Turney

Trendsetters Rejoice! Why you need smarter BI for retail operations

Retailers operate in one of the most data-driven industries in the world. But even in retail, the data times, they are a-changin'.

Data science

Timothy Walker

How data science can enable better demand forecasting and planning

If you want a highly productive data science team that enables better demand forecasting and planning, you must empower them with the right tools.

Analytics for all

Gregory Verlinden

Advanced analytics meets real-world results at Analytics University in Stockholm

As my colleagues and I work with IBM’s European clients, we get to witness the business impacts of advanced analytics and data science every day.

Analytics for all

Paul Bard

IBM CFO Study uncovers three steps for reinventing your finance organization

Reinvent yourself? Successful artists do it all the time. When companies reinvent themselves, the results can alter entire industries.

Planning Analytics

Paul Bard

How agile are you? Take the 7-question Aberdeen Group assessment.

We’re often told that agility is essential in today’s volatile business environment. But agility alone doesn’t guarantee success.

Watson Analytics

Tim Aston

WASM digs into U.S. National Park trends on Reddit

With summer rapidly approaching, vacations are on everyone’s mind. To help plan mine, I turned to Reddit and looked at all posts about U.S. national...

Planning Analytics

Paul Bard

IBM Planning Analytics top-ranked in 25 KPIs by BARC

IBM Planning Analytics “top-ranked” in 25 KPIs and named a “Leader” in 13 more by BARC in "the world's largest survey of planning software users."

Planning Analytics

Paul Bard

Continuous planning and rolling forecasts deliver major league advantages

Continuous planning is one of the best practices that provides numerous improvements to business processes, which can deliver major benefits over time.

Analytics for all

Paul Bard

Seven key terms to help you learn about GDPR

GDPR is the new data privacy regulation for the European Union. Here are 7 key terms to give you a quick introduction to this important new EU regulation.