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Watson Analytics - ** Featured Post **

Forsyth Alexander

I'm gonna get myself connected with Watson Analytics data connectors

Data connectors in Watson Analytics is one of the world's best kept secrets. And, I haven't helped. When I write about Watson Analytics and tell others about it, I almost always talk about how easy it is to upload data and get started with your analysis. Now, it's time to give the other option its due.

Watson Analytics

Colin Sumter

Playing offense against misfortune: A disaster recovery plan with Watson Analytics

Watson Analytics is a great tool for visualizing your data. and making discoveries in real-time. However, what you might not know is you can make it part of your disaster recovery plan? Here's how.

Analytics for the rest of us

Lillian Taylor

Very pretty, very wrong data: The ugly side of self-service data visualization

Seeing *is* believing but it can also mean trouble. Anscombe's quartet drives this point home. Four data sets that have nearly identical descriptive statistic appear very different when graphed. And this is why self-service data visualization can get ugly in a hurry.


Dan Rebella

Don’t miss IBM Vision 2017: An “awesomely valuable” event

When people ask me about the IBM Vision conference, I tell them that it’s “awesomely valuable.” Hyperbole? No, not really. There’s nothing like the learning experience, the networking and the face-to-face contact that you only have at a live conference.

Analytics for the rest of us

Forsyth Alexander

10 analytics books for novices (and fans)

A common question for many who are interested in doing data analysis and visualization on their own is, “What analytics books should I read?” Here's a list of 10 we recommend for novices and even those who are already fans but want to know more.

Cognos Analytics

Roberta Wakerell

Uncovering 3 popular misperceptions: A perspective on the data and analytics market

I recently attended the Gartner Data and Analytics Summits in London and Dallas. The sold-out attendance and level of engagement prove this market is is still red hot. It is also a market that is rapidly evolving, so different perceptions naturally exist. I think that there are 3 “misperceptions” held by many today that I just cannot buy into.


Bill Guilmart

IBM Vision 2017: Why I want to see you there

If you haven't decided to attend IBM Vision 2017 in Orlando May 16-19, here are some reasons why I'd personally like to see you there.

Watson Analytics

Suman Mukherjee

SurveyMonkeying around with sentiment analysis in Watson Analytics

We can learn so much from the people who attend our events, buy our products, visit our websites, or use our services. That’s why SurveyMonkey data, including the text answers to open-ended questions, is a such a goldmine. Did you know that Watson Analytics provides predictive and sentiment analysis of your SurveyMonkey data all in one place?

Cognos Analytics

Adam Joyce

Teeing up the Masters winner with IBM Cognos Analytics

By visualizing various statistics in IBM’s Cognos Analytics, I can make a more informed decision on who will come away with the green jacket late Sunday afternoon.

Planning Analytics

Paul Bard

3 (ish) big reasons to upgrade from IBM Cognos TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics Local

Dozens of IBM customers are making the switch from IBM Cognos TM1 to a powerful new solution for planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis. Find out why you should upgrade to IBM Planning Analytics Local.

Watson Analytics

Allison Smith

Ciao, ragazze! Or, how I keep getting influenced to eat pizza for lunch

We at IBM are marching on toward evermore valuable analytics that help you get rich insights out of social media data (and maybe even influence what you eat for lunch).