Using Watson Speech to Text and Openwhisk to discover even more dark data in videos

Use the OpenWhisk serverless platform and Watson cognitive services like Visual Recognition, Speech to Text and Natural Language Understanding to discover dark data hidden in videos - automatically.

Deploy a Microservice Architecture with Cloud Tools (video)

IBM Cloud Tools for Swift (ICT) makes it easy for developers on macOS to deploy, manage, and monitor end-to-end applications on Bluemix. The tool is part of a larger IBM initiative to bring Swift to the server. Watch a new video on the topic here.

Introduction to Vantrix Transcoder on IBM Bluemix

Bluemix developers can now easily set up and manage video processing in the cloud with a Vantrix Transcoder. The Vantrix Transcoder offers a broadcast quality video transcoding solution with ultra-high performance, an intuitive user interface and a rich API. Learn how it works in this post.

Connect native Android app to Watson Sentiment Analysis in under 10 minutes

This blog post describes how you can add Watson's cognitive service to an Android app in about 10 minutes.

Deploy from macOS to Bluemix using IBM Cloud Tools for Swift (video)

Are you a developer on macOS who wants to quickly run Swift samples locally and deploy them to Bluemix? If so, IBM Cloud Tools for Swift is what you need. This video shows how you can get started with a Swift sample, run it locally on your Mac, then run it remotely on Bluemix.

Challenges with Microservices, Part 1

From the IBM Cloud Architecture Center, six IBM Cloud experts discuss the challenges of developing with microservices. They outline issues that clients are facing with microservices, including operations, considerations with heritage systems, security, and the newness of microservices in general.

Go agile to slash costs, reduce failure rates and speed deployments

Continuous deployment is the mainstay of a DevOps practice. Because accelerated delivery of software services is linked to business growth and innovation, it’s becoming de facto as companies pursue digital transformation. But if you’re somewhat new to agile-based continuous deployment, you’re probably wondering about things such as app quality, speed and delivery, not to mention how much will getting rid of manual processes save your organization so you can re-invest in innovation?

Design, build, and secure an app using Mobile Dashboard on Bluemix

Design, build, and secure a mobile app using Mobile Dashboard and MobileFirst Foundation Service on Bluemix .

Blue Box Cloud: Four industry perspectives, one hybrid vision

Watch four industry thought leaders express their views on enterprise cloud adoption, open source technology, and hybrid use cases by industry.