Twilio Signal – Watson Services on Twilio Marketplace

At Twilio Signal, IBM announced that IBM Watson Message Sentiment and IBM Watson Message Insights will be available as Add-Ons in Twilio’s recently announced Marketplace.

Watson and Bluemix team up for Signal

For the second year, IBM Bluemix will be sponsoring the Twilio Signal conference. With two speaking sessions, a bevy of demonstrations at our booth, as well as working side-by-side with Watson, we’ve packed in a lot of activities for this year’s Signal conference.

Analyzing Customer Emotions Using IBM Bluemix, Watson, and Twilio Voice

When an unhappy customer walks through the door there are a multitude of signs and signals as to how they are feeling. However, over the phone it can be more difficult to judge a customer’s emotions when all that’s expressed are words and tone. Wouldn’t it be great to have help identifying how a customer is feeling? In this post we’re going to do just that using a Cloud Foundry Java application and two Watson APIs inside IBM Bluemix along with Twilio Programmable Voice.

Get Sentimental About SMS with Twilio, Bluemix and AlchemyAPI

The IBM Bluemix platform is home to an ever growing number of cognitive computing services that, as developers, we can use in our applications to learn more about our data. Earlier this year fellow Twilio developer evangelist Ricky Robinett showed us how combining Watson’s question and answer API, Twilio and Node.js could get us answers to health questions. Also living under the Watson banner, AlchemyAPI is a set of services for understanding content and context within text and images. Today we're going to look into analysing the sentiment of text messages using one of the AlchemyAPI services hosted on Bluemix. We'll build up an application that receives SMS messages and deals with them differently based on the sentiment in the message.

Webinar: Deepening Customer Engagement in the Cloud

What if customer feedback through your cloud-based application automatically drove business improvements? Jake Peyser, IBM Bluemix Developer Advocate, will demonstrate how to do it—by creating a cloud application, Assistant Shop.r, that leverages Watson and other Bluemix cognitive business services in real-time customer interactions.

Bluemix and Twilio mix voice and data to help doctors

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at KrankyGeek 2015; this post summarizes my presentation “Mixing Data and Video – IBM Bluemix, Watson, and Twilio”, which at its core was about improving the doctor/patient experience. I never heard of this conference before and wasn’t quite sure what I was in for but to my surprise it was a wonderful event.

Revved up about Twilio and Bluemix ecosystem

Andrew Jordan, a senior sales engineer with Twilio, gets revved up when he talks about Twilio and Bluemix: “Bluemix has a nice set of tools for doing IoT apps, and Twilio allows those apps, which may collect information from sensors, or something that’s happening in the digital world, something on the web, (to) make something happen in real life.”

Webinar Q&A: Twilio Video on Bluemix for Enhanced Customer Service Experiences

What if customer feedback automatically drove business decisions? Contextual customer service leads to greater levels of client satisfaction. Rather than sending customers away from a web or mobile app to a phone number, Twilio lets you embed communications directly into the app experience. Customer feedback can be automatically analyzed by leveraging IBM Watson to provide powerful insights. In this webinar, learn how Twilio communications can be an integrated part of your Bluemix app.

Webinar: Twilio Video on Bluemix – Get Actionable Data from Enhanced Customer Service Experiences

One of the last webinars before the summer break! Learn how Twilio communications can be an integrated part of your Bluemix app. Billy Chia of Twilio will demonstrate how customer feedback can be automatically analyzed by leveraging IBM Watson to provide powerful insights.