8 Ways to be Serverless and Event-Driven at InterConnect 2017

Serverless, and based on the Apache OpenWhisk open source project, IBM Buemix OpenWhisk is a programming platform as a service with packaged access to 160+ cognitive and other cloud services. OpenWhisk scalably executes code in runtime containers in response to configurable events, through direct invocation, and without the need to manage infrastructure.

Using Watson Speech to Text and Openwhisk to discover even more dark data in videos

Use the OpenWhisk serverless platform and Watson cognitive services like Visual Recognition, Speech to Text and Natural Language Understanding to discover dark data hidden in videos - automatically.

Capture audience feedback with IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk

Emoting mimics the smiley terminals you may see at the airport. In this post, we'll showcase this serverless app built with IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk and Cloudant.

Microservices on Bluemix: A multi-compute approach using Cloud Foundry and OpenWhisk

One of the benefits of microservices is that each of the applications that compose your solution can be built using whatever language or framework makes sense for that particular application. Learn here how we take Microservices implementations one step further.

Building OpenWhisk actions with Java and Gradle

This post uses Gradle as a build tool to demonstrate how to build Apache OpenWhisk actions in Java.

Understanding and using Docker actions in IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk

The latest Apache OpenWhisk offering on IBM Bluemix has several new enhancements. We'll show you how to use them.

Exposing OpenWhisk RESTful APIs with API Gateway

With the recent promotion of OpenWhisk to general availability, you not only get the incredibly powerful, scalable, event-driven programming model for building your actions (functions) using serverless computing, but something else slipped into the release that you may not have noticed: The OpenWhisk API Gateway The API gateway is an experimental new feature that enables you to […]

Build a serverless Slack app and bot with IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk and API Connect

This post gives you a starting point for building a serverless Slack app with IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk actions exposed via API Connect.

Using Swift v3 and Xcode to create OpenWhisk actions

Serverless computing on IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk, now generally available with Swift runtime support, offering one of the most exciting combinations of technologies for end-to-end mobile application development.