How to sharpen Watson Visual Recognition results with simple preprocessing

The IBM Watson Visual Recognition service can obviously tag images for content, recognize faces, and find similar images, but that’s not all it can do. If the condition you want to identify is only within a smaller region of a larger image, the entire image might not be classified with high enough confidence and a positive result could be missed. This post shows you how you can improve Watson Visual Recognition's ability to detect finer details.

Introducing the Bluemix Developer Console

We just introduced The Bluemix Developer Console. Extending the current Bluemix Mobile Dashboard, this new experience goes beyond mobile and introduces new tools for quickly creating Cloud Native applications across web, mobile and backend. They aim to greatly cut down on development time by generating application starters with all the necessary boilerplate, build and configuration code, so that developers can start coding business logic faster.

Get started guides for your favorite runtimes

For many developers, the Hello World starter applications on Bluemix are too basic and the sample applications on page are a bit too advanced. If you agree with this, you'll find our recently released Runtime Getting Started guides extremely helpful.

Deploy scalable Docker application to IBM Bluemix

In this post, get all of your common questions about deploying scalable Docker apps to the cloud with IBM Containers.

Webinar: Customizing LoopBack by integrating modules

Register now for a LoopBack webinar hosted by an IBM expert, which will teach you the basics, plus additional functionalities.

Context path routes for your Bluemix Cloud Foundry apps

Cloud Foundry introduced Context Path Routing last year. Until then, there was the requirement that each app (or service) was served from its own hostname. Now, apps can share a host with each app being served from a specific path on that host.

Importing JSON documents into a NoSQL DB in Bluemix using NoSQLimport

Learn how to import JSON docs into a NoSQL DB using nosqlimport on IBM Bluemix. Includes two hands-on labs which will guide you.

Databases on tap with Compose on Bluemix

Compose databases are now available from the Bluemix catalog. Find out how you can use Compose for MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, RethinkDB and RabbitMQ with your applications now.

Using Node.js to code OpenWhisk actions

In the months preceding the GA of OpenWhisk on Bluemix, the development team made many improvements to the user experience of programming Node.js actions. This post covers the most important ones.