IBM Bluemix IaaS certified for SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver applications

Bluemix infrastructure now offers customers the opportunity to move, manage, and run their SAP HANA and NetWeaver applications on Bluemix bare metal servers.

Announcing the DevOps Insights beta

The IBM® Cloud DevOps Insights service is now available as an open beta offering.

Webinar Q&A: Guided Tour of Bluemix Dedicated and Bluemix Local

This webinar provides an architectural overview of the platform with a special focus on the Bluemix Dedicated and Bluemix Local deployment models. The brief question and answer format (13 minutes) includes snapshots of the administration console used to manage development organizations within an enterprise. For those who want to see the administration console interface up close, a more in-depth video is included.

Webinar Q&A: Building a hybrid cloud in the Bluemix Garage

Learn how to apply best practices to implement your own hybrid cloud IT architecture using clear, actionable examples of how enterprises have used Bluemix to meet their business challenges. CTO of Cloud Architecture and Solution Engineering Kyle Brown also explains how you can get assistance through the cloud specialists in the IBM Bluemix Garage.

Webinar Q&A: Navigating hybrid cloud with Bluemix

Watch this two-part on-demand webinar for an executive overview of hybrid cloud from Frost & Sullivan, and a look at best practices in hybrid cloud adoption from an IBMer focused on cloud architecture and solution engineering.

Architectural and Practical Guide to IBM Hybrid Integration Platform

In order to remain competitive in today’s world, companies need to be able to integrate internally and externally by connecting sensors, customers and partners with the information in their systems of record. In short, they need to integrate with everything. This guide describes how to approach hybrid integration via common scenarios.

Online marketing: Who gets paid is decided in milliseconds

In the ad tech industry, milliseconds matter. Make your systems faster with an uncompromising approach to designing and deploying the cloud foundation. With the cloud infrastructure and network performance considerations of your unique workloads, your cloud provider should keep up with you.

Hybrid Cloud Is About Choice

Today's IT architects are adopting an architecture that enables on-premises and cloud-based computing resources to work together—namely hybrid cloud computing. Hybrid cloud fosters innovation by providing access to open APIs that allow users to incorporate third-party innovations and disruptive technologies into new applications. To learn more about the benefits of hybrid cloud and how it can help you incorporate more choice in your IT environment, download our free paper.

Microservices Best Practices for Java

This IBM Redbooks publication covers microservices best practices for Java. It focuses on creating cloud native applications using the latest version of IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty, IBM Bluemix and other Open Source Frameworks in the microservices ecosystem to highlight microservices best practices for Java.