Running concurrent API Connect CLI tasks within a DevOps environment

When we deploy APIs and products as part of a DevOps process, we often want to be able to configure multiple APIs and products at once.

Cognitive DevOps Insights

Over the past year, I focused on providing better data for the DevOps process. Data-driven is the wave of the future, and the wealth of data that is in code repos, issue-tracking systems, and build systems can be used to improve the ability to deliver apps faster and with greater quality.

Track where your code is deployed with toolchains

Have you ever wanted to track where your code is deployed? With toolchains in IBM® Bluemix® Continuous Delivery, you can now track code deployments through tags, labels, and comments in your Git repository (repo).

Extend your toolchain by adding a tool integration

Are you getting the most out of your toolchain? You can extend its capabilities by adding tool integrations. You can select from several predefined tool integrations or add a custom tool integration.

DevOps and cloud transformation with the Garage Method at InterConnect 2017

At InterConnect 2017, several sessions explain how the IBM Cloud Garage Method enables transformation by incorporating design thinking, Lean, agile, and DevOps practices. Teams follow the practices while they learn new technologies, such as Cognitive and Internet of Things (IoT). They can start deploying to the cloud in minutes and continue to iterate capabilities while they follow reference architectures to meet enterprise scale. Toolchains enable this process, while integrated tools support the team

Announcing the DevOps Insights beta

The IBM® Cloud DevOps Insights service is now available as an open beta offering.

Let’s talk building artifacts when enabling DevOps in a microservices architecture

In this article, we'll discuss our build pipeline in more detail. We'll talk about how we get from microservice source artifacts (including code) to deployable binaries, and scripts/metadata for configuring and deploying them.

Continuous Release available as an experimental Bluemix service

Continuous Release is an enterprise-scale release management service that supports both cloud-native and on-premises deployment tools. With the Continuous Release service, you can increase the cadence of your software deployments while you decrease risks. The IBM Cloud Continuous Release service is now available as an experimental service on IBM Bluemix.